Green Economy

Why is the Australian Government Still Coal Burning Given Super Climatic Events?

The climate (politically and climaticly) is changing. When will people in authority realise the reality of change. It does not make economic sense to ignore change in favour of the economics of industry. If places are wiped out climaticly by super storms, earthquakes, ice melts (perma frost) etc. Does it not make sense that economically… Continue reading

De-Mock-Racy or The Force Awakens in US?

I felt to write a poem inspired by the US Election.  As usual I have no idea what will flow but found answers as I flowed to awaken from the dream. I have not watched one news cast about this election but can feel the world’s focus on this event. The twin towers comes… Continue reading

From the Material Divide to World Unity

From the Material Divide to World Unity

This musing fuses the poetic metaphor with intellectual discourse symbolic of the creative and logical parts of ourselves united.  For this integration will surely open up new horizons to transform the world of dreams into a world that is living in harmony in the true sense of… Continue reading

In the End Will We Thrive?

I was shown this film a while ago and it provides an alternative view of the economic/political nexus that shapes our world. I have to say the author of this film, Foster Gamble is very brave as he is making some very strong allegations. What I found interesting in the beginning of the film was… Continue reading

The Autumn Spring of Heat Waves in Perth to Snow White in London


No there is no climate change, it is just a glitch on the records, human’s have not impacted the climate. I love denial there is great statement that goes – denial is not a river in Egypt!

I spoke briefly to a shop assistant from London here in Perth who informed me it was… Continue reading

Can You Run a Car on Water?

Can you run a car on water? This is a fascinating question, it is one I have contemplated as my contribution to ensuring I do not add to the pollution my car already spews out. Also lately I am hearing more about free energy. Of course Nikola Tesla invented free energy early in the 20th… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Only as high as I reach can I grow, only as far as I seek can I go, only as deep as I look can I see, only as much as I dream can I be.”