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Assange: Get Up for Freedom of Speech

This film is an exclusive interview by the Get Up organisation in Australia. I interviewed this organisation many years ago after seeing sky writing over Canberra saying ‘Get Up’. I found them very interesting. Apparently they had trained in the United States to set up internet based community action. They have become an alternative force… Continue reading

A Global Society Founded on Respect of All Life

ur World is changing, we are evolving and the new earth that is arising will be founded on respect for all life.    Peace in ourselves is peace in the world, there is no separation, we are deeply interconnected to the planet and are one with it whether we realise this or not.… Continue reading

Citizen Journalism: Your Environmental Road Trip (YERT)

I saw this film tonight amongst a community of environmentalists here in Perth.  They shared a healthy vegetarian dinner with a fire and then settled down to watch the film.  The film was so positive and what I really loved was that ordinary Americans got together to find out the facts.  They… Continue reading

Natural Ecosystems Still Exist Alongside Ancient Villages

I remember when I flew into Russia to clown with Patch Adams. I was struck looking out the window from the plane the lush forests that literally divided East from West. Even when I flew from the UK to Europe I was again struck by how every square inch is cultivated. Of course I’ve seen… Continue reading

Permaculture Institute: Food Forests

Years ago I visited the Permaculture Institute in Tialgum in Northern NSW.  I was shown by experts what a food forest looks like and how it worked.  I was fascinated by it.  We had a lovely fresh, healthy meal with no chemicals in it and it tasted great.  We speak of… Continue reading

Astronaut’s Perspective of the Planet from Space

Save your planet people!! 

Please start by reading the WWF Living Planet Report

There is a saying we cannot see the wood for the trees, perhaps we change it to see the planet for the fragile ecosystem it really is.  Wake up to distractions like work and t.v.  If the… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”