Privatising Public Space to Realise Peace is Freedom

I’ve just been told by a waitress that if I don’t buy coffee I do not have the right to be in a space I thought was public.  I was to discover it had been corporatized.  I sat back and thought of all those people who do not have money who are increasingly… Continue reading

Strongest Solar Flare in 11 Years and Woman in Space


This video speaks about women in space, biological impacts in space, solar flares and possible cancer treatment.

The solar flares impact the earths magnetic field.  They are measured in respect of strength.  In September the solar flare was recorded as x 9.3.  Activity gets high and low.  It is moving… Continue reading

Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell Speaks About Metaphysics and Aliens

This is an interview with Edgar Mitchell, the US Astronaut who walked on the moon.  He speaks about his book ‘The Way of the Explorer An Apollo Astronauts Journey through the Material and Mystical Worlds.’

He speak about quantum coherent resonance, non-locality, challenges Einstein, new possibilities, akashic records, 9 billion light year gap in the universe,

The Black Holes in our Cosmic Knowledge


The most intelligent words you can say, is that I don’t know.  When we say this we open to possibilities.  Humanity thinks it is knowledgeable yet we have barely begun to know the solar system and galaxies, billions upon billions of them out to infinity. 

We know so little about the… Continue reading

Astronaut’s Perspective of the Planet from Space

Save your planet people!! 

Please start by reading the WWF Living Planet Report

There is a saying we cannot see the wood for the trees, perhaps we change it to see the planet for the fragile ecosystem it really is.  Wake up to distractions like work and t.v.  If the… Continue reading

Can Solar Flares Breach the Earth’s Magnetic Field?

Our planet is our home, without it we don’t exist. Through technology we are distracted by human made issues and dramas. Yet we live in a cosmic universe and are affected by extraneous events. How we treat each other, other life forms, the elements, the atmosphere are the real questions of security that are an… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”