From the Material Divide to World Unity

From the Material Divide to World Unity

This musing fuses the poetic metaphor with intellectual discourse symbolic of the creative and logical parts of ourselves united.  For this integration will surely open up new horizons to transform the world of dreams into a world that is living in harmony in the true sense of… Continue reading

Happiness Revolution: Have a Nice Day

There will always be people who see the cup half empty, who refuse to stretch a bit further to discover what they believed was not true. There will always be negative people, those who block you, try to stop you, to disempower you and disrespect you. However, you must keep drawing on the ocean of… Continue reading

Planting the Seeds of Happiness

Just planting more seeds… :o)


The Seeds of Happiness


Happiness is the sunshine behind the clouds,

Sadness is the clouds in front of the son,

At times it appears that life is dark,

Yet day and night mark the beginning and the ending,

The dawn and the dusk,

As life is always moving… Continue reading

Intend Peace As The Gift Of Your Life To Others

I am intending peace by publishing this poem.  I especially send it to the people of Syria.  I watched  Insight tonight on SBS television.  I watched carefully all the people representing different viewpoints.  It was a passionate and at times angry discussion.  I tried to look through the labels… Continue reading

Peace is Happy Shiny People Holding Hands

I came home tonight and marvel at the incredible happiness I feel with no partner, no job and few friends. That is how I know what I have is real and coming from within. For those reading my blog would know I am a clown. When you get to the stage where you are just… Continue reading

Worldwide Hugs 4 Happy Changes

I saw this today and felt happy. When I clown I always hug people. I have to laugh even when I am dressed like everyone else, I can feel the desire to hug. I felt it today with a group of people and then someone suggested it. So we did a group hug.

It was… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”