From the Material Divide to World Unity

From the Material Divide to World Unity

This musing fuses the poetic metaphor with intellectual discourse symbolic of the creative and logical parts of ourselves united.  For this integration will surely open up new horizons to transform the world of dreams into a world that is living in harmony in the true sense of unity.  Perhaps as this reflection unfolds the reader will come to sense the shift in consciousness that reveals the peace that passeth all understanding.  

The sun is arising in my life and my hopes are setting as the colours of my life become more visible yet blended.  I feel the words of this reflection marching across the sky of my wisdom and I see that life is unlimited.  I feel to set free the ideas that spring from the experiences of my life and share the beauty that has been etching the streams of consciousness of a familiar rhythm. 

The indigenous smoke, potted puffs sends out signals of a gathering.  When we sink into our remote past there is a biological daisy chain that connects to our parents, grandparents and beyond through the stages of history as flags marking significant turning points in our evolution.   We are currently submerged by the information age that fixates us into endless hours on the internet, trawling an ocean of ideas connected by links yet unable to connect to the missing link for which we are in an unconscious search.  Our knowledge of facts and figures gave us libraries that reinforce the structures of a world created from minds that can barely grasp the complex web of life in which we are all nestled as dependent babies.  Technologies fascinate our every moment as one plays with a mobile phone like a toy on a tram, another drives to bend time to move us faster, another blends foods to reduce time connecting to nature.  We have devised patterns of automation that remove us from first principles, for we have no time to prepare ourselves.  Thus, we have software packages that give us the speed and efficiency to process, but not internalize that processing as time pressures render obsolete the sheer pleasure of dreaming in fields of flowers.  The rational mind places that in the category of holidays or unproductive downtime that one should feel guilty for when others are working hard.  The power of the protestant work ethic!  Yet in the moments of dreaming other worlds emerge and one becomes lost in the possibilities moving between the imagined and actual.  Edward de Bono would speak up at this point and encourage lateral digressions as the very life blood of a new world.  For the modern world is trapped in the mind sets of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle dividing, arguing and critiquing the world to prove one is right and formulating philosophical truth. Yet is anyone really happy?  Have we mastered this? 

To design our lives is not time management, it is to creatively engage with the beauty that lies dormant in a heart darkened by years of denial and silent abuse.  The resurrection of inner beauty is to remember the dream of love that finds its peak past the industrial revolution, beyond the agrarian harvest to a time period where life was simple and nature was the dominant form of entertainment.  A place where we awoke to the chill of the air, we made fires to make food for our family, we swam in water holes and went in search of food.  This is not romanticized it was living simply so others could simply live.

Our true nature is cocooned by an ancient husk, grown over the wound, bound by eons of distraction as we sought to control nature, to play God in our way of creation and harness the power to feel Godlike.  This dominance is manifested by shared dependencies that render survival as part of an economic structure rather than a natural bounty.  Without this matrix one becomes vulnerable, disoriented and ostracized by a society programmed to perform by chasing the carrot of progress in an endless race to the bottom.  Yet even in this dreaming we are learning about ourselves, experimenting with the boundaries of nature, communicating to the far reaches of the planet, bringing disparate groups together and trying to find harmony in a world deeply confused and divided. 

The systemic structure is a blind maize guiding our path through reward and punishment which is justified by the outcome of order.  Each person socializes into the structure as the wild world of our nature sinks back into the abyss of ancient memories momentarily arising when we forget ourselves.   Yet for those who choose to create more time for themselves, one can stand back from the traffic jam and assess what is really happening.  The incessant movement and busyness or indeed business is a current that has only a one way flow, for anyone seeking to flow upstream finds themselves down and out or on dry land.  However, one can find a vantage point to watch the passing parade.  To look into each others eyes and look for joy or jubilance, to check if this flow is bringing the sustenance of what we all really seek.   Yet many do not have time to really reflect to gain an impression in the sands of time of what one is living for or indeed where one has come from.  For the thought ‘I did not create myself, that I was indeed created’ opens up a schematic of questions within the context of an apparent finite life. 

The ancient world is calling to us in the modern age.  As we are all threaded to the first tribes and within DNA strands we have known survival from the breast of nature.  We have wandered and smelled the signals of nature, we had intimate knowledge of animal husbandry, food supplies, seasonal movements, spiritual ceremonies, star maps and the cosmic order.  Indeed the ancient civilization of the Maya had sophisticated mapping systems and mystical abilities to not only produce a calendar of time but to go back and forward in time through expanded consciousness.  Mediums do this today but it is an ancient art form that is marginalized in favour of material certainty.  How many have had a psychic thought that someone will ring? or dejavu? or a resonance with something they couldn’t possibly know? These are the folds in the space-time continuum, our natural inheritance, long since forgotten.  In truth we are to go back to the future to find ourselves if humankind is to continue as a species on the earth.   Our deep disconnection from our ancient origins and profound integration within nature has left us with societies around the world increasingly violent and disengaged as systems slowly dismantle and fall into the rubble of decline.   All empires fall, for inherent within power structures are the seeds of self destruction.  Only communities based on natural principles are sustainable and stable over time.

The perpetual motion of the industrial wheel of life was driven by the greed of profit maximization and this was determined by endless inputs into the system. However the natural unity on the planet from which we feed has natural limits to growth or tipping points.  This is the central incompatibility with human control versus natural oneness that is based on optimum regulation of self regulating systems.  The drive to maximize profit within segmented box thinking, severs all the parts from the sum of the whole.  There is minimal awareness of the oneness as we live in worlds of our own making.  Each world thinks that it knows the world, these are unquestioned realities entrenched in pattern making, that knows no other way to live in the world.  Hence to not know that one does not know is the shape of ignorance.  The fear of change grips painfully in the stomach and many will resist the perceived loss of security or order rather than look at the crisis emerging as an opportunity to ask new questions that have not been asked for 2,400 years. This is the reality on the ground. That is not to say people do not watch the natural world on television or learn of the devastation to rainforests, species extinction, climate change and the endless wars fought with remote and imagined enemies. They are aware, but being a cog in a wheel makes it impossible to know how to turn the wheel in another direction, when one has never been the director, immobilized by dependency and unconsciously governed by the apathy of the majority.

The disabling of empowerment to ensure that all conform to a system to maintain a production process, is our downfall.   It is the reason we are unable to change radically.  The fear of stepping back into our own natures is seldom tested and is terrifying to many who have no idea of how to survive in a new way of being.  Many have had bouts out of work and found the time spent with themselves immeasurably boring, lonely and with no money as they unravel from the social fabric.  The psychological framework has no place for idleness and it has been socially conditioned that those not working are somehow lazy or socially viewed as proverbial losers.  The concept of winners and losers is deeply entrenched in a class system where equality is a dreamy notion written into the Universal Declaration of Human Rights that few actually practice with vigor and unflinching ethics.  This divided mind set ensures that the system continues endlessly as most are aspirational not inspirational.  Any challenges are radicalized and rendered ineffective where group-think is the majority weight on the scales of change and business-as-usual is the carriage of a galloping standard of living.   The horse has indeed bolted without any idea of its direction, the challenge is the turnaround.  Byron Katie’s work will be central in this psychological reinvention and return to universal truth that our world is indeed a mirror of ourselves.

The archeological dig of ancient knowledge is resurfacing under the permafrost of fixed ideas.  As the ice caps melt, the entrenched views of right and wrong, denial of our natural history, business-as-usual are having to face change as the titanic slowly sinks along with the dreams of children.   This true knowledge has long been buried but has been awakening through inspiration and a slowly evolving societal interest in finding the real meaning in life.  This yearning is now visible in the mainstream.  Interestingly, many more women are turning to this knowledge to know themselves  and be true and thus to take responsibility for a world sliding down the slippery slope of foolish demise.  For this growing demographic of spiritual seekers are rediscovering or indeed re-membering they are the creators of their reality.  This world view regards the world, indeed the universe as an energy system.  Indeed the 2nd law of thermodynamics comes to mind.  Energy transfers it doesn’t disappear.  Matter is comprised of atoms, orbiting electrons with protons and neutrons pushed together through vibration.    As vibration changes, form changes.  Meditation is a method to slow vibration and attunement to the natural system.  Sitting in nature is an ideal space as one can harmonise.  The open and intuitive mind can feel the energy and is open to observing life moment by moment.  In other words, not living in the future or the past, but allowing life to unfold as it does without resistance.  This is called living in the now moment.  One becomes part of the whole in equality rather than in dominance.  This is the first realization of lifting the veil to see reality as it is. 

So many are governed by a field of thought patterns or beliefs that cloud vision or frame the world in unchallenged ways.  These beliefs are very powerful and I think anyone could relate to the concept of having moments in their lives where they believed their thoughts and were convinced they were right, to find they had misunderstood.  This often occurs in conflict as someone challenges our world, or we judge them to be negative in some way, our thoughts divide them from us and we create a world of reasons why conflict is justified.  Yet in reality it is simply believing negative thoughts that takes us out of harmony with our natural desire to love and accept what is, we are not here to change anyone, we are learning to love each other despite the perceived differences. The current world order is simply shared beliefs of an imagined community, most do not know each other but are connected through media to reinforce these beliefs.   The media itself is predominantly a mouth piece for those that see a world through negative belief systems.  It perpetuates the myths enlarging the drama and fear, this is what sells more media as people subconsciously seek to protect themselves by knowledge and are stimulated by the fear.  They believe the news is reality as it is delivered without question or debate.  The Agora of democracy is replaced by a media streaming that formulates the questions and the answers.  Yet this information is nowhere close to the real world, that is loving, dynamic and without false dramas.   The real world reveals a beauty that we seem to quickly glimpse in the eyes of a baby or in the arms of a lover, just imagine if it was every day.  For that is how I live.  Truth is not right or wrong it simply is what it is in the now moment.  I choose to see the truth, for me it is love as life.  I love my life, I can love all life as ‘same same but different’ as the Thai’s say.

What if one was to see the world as perfect, that each person that enters your life is a teacher of some sort?  That instead of allowing the critical mind to dictate right and wrong, but rather to simply observe life unfolding without judgement.  To see each person has come to assist in supporting your life rather than an adversary, regardless of whether they are positive, negative or challenging.  All is good when you come from a place of peace.  This way of seeing no longer sees a person and recalls all the judgements and beliefs about this person, instead chooses a fresh new moment to simply see the person sitting there with no colouring as they really are, innocent.  This is the difference between judgement and discernment.  For example If I held a cup and were to judge it I may say I like or dislike the cup. If I were to view this from a consciousness of discernment I may say it is a cup with a handle and these are the colours, without preference.  The new thinking or consciousness is learning to see life as it is in complete acceptance, without overlaying our judgements and social conditioning upon it.   This opens up a whole new world of possibilities and we start to see the world in a different way.  What if we were to think truth is the reality right now, it is not a philosophical truth of shared agreement (right or wrong), but seeing clearly that this is what it is and accepting the reality 100% in that moment.   There is no right or wrong, it is what it is, it is happening therefore it is meant to be.  That is not to say that starving millions is okay, but to accept it is the reality in the moment. What you resist persists and what you look at disappears.  From this unique moment possibilities are an array before you, you have the power to choose differently.  What if we were to learn that any negative judgements are out of alignment with our natural self and all it serves to do is divide us and creates internal stress. Stress affects the body’s biology and one’s peace of mind.   For harmony to exist in nature there cannot be any part of the system refusing to interconnect out of false judgements, the whole system sees each part as perfect for the operation of the whole.  It is continually giving, it cannot be self serving or it will collapse.  It is the same in human life as the new consciousness has no enemies and is guided by a feeling of love which is the energy of life unseen within nature yet it can be felt when one is open to loving unconditionally.   Without love, nothing survives, no human can live, it is the central core of peace and it is in truth, what is real.  When we love others we see them as who they really are.  When we divide, we are in conflict within ourselves as we have chosen a negative belief, rather than allowing diversity.  Very briefly unconditional love is the model of a natural self regulating system that has no limits on giving or exchanging, it follows its true nature and is centred on  peace that we can only glimpse when we are true to our nature.  Our happiness emerges when we align with love and let go of negativity.  In truth the peace within us is the constant backdrop when we drop our thoughts, and simply find ourselves giving to the whole system without fear or favour.  Few people across human civilization have lived this way and they have been termed awakened, and indeed they found themselves living their true nature, which is experienced as one with everything or one with life.  There is no greater joy or peace than unity.

Our purpose on this planet is to learn to love each other unconditionally and to see that the interests of the whole serve the interests of the individual naturally, when there is no resistance.  In reality the resistance we feel in life is a reflection of our own inner resistance with a part of ourselves.  We have learned judgement and division, we have not learned harmony.  When we find the peace within that accepts all people, things, conditions, we will be able to transcend our fears and selfish interests to see that there is a very beautiful world waiting to be seen and experienced.  It is a safe world, as all who find their true natures are simply loving.  Where love is, fear is not and therefore there is nothing to fear (false evidence appearing real).   This is the proverbial heaven on earth many mythologies have whispered in moments of inspiration. It can become a reality when we choose to live in accordance with our true nature.    Some may hear of this world and call it idealism, yet it is in seeing this world that we bring it forth as a reality for all to see.    If we continue to see the division, we continue to hurt one another and we expand the negativity in our lives, this leads us to the very destruction that we can glimpse in the present times.  Love is the answer is the message that has been uttered by many wonderful examples, it continues to be the key message of our time.  One I am choosing to live, rather than talk about.  It means I must love those who don’t love me, to forgive those who don’t forgive me, accept those who are rejecting me (redirecting me) and embrace those who have no home.  It is to take responsibility for being the change I wish to see in the world as Gandhi envisaged. 

If one wants to know if it is worth pursuing, simply ask yourself – what if everyone did it? If you can’t find a better way then perhaps try.  If one doesn’t care, then that is the world we create we become care-less.

This poem reflects this message and ushers in a new world that is a mirror of our true selves.


Harbinger of knowledge,

Within the prison of our minds,

You are opening the windows,

And allowing the fresh air,

To invigorate our souls,

Knowledge is power,

Or is it awareness…

that is the shower of truth,

from the fountain of love.


In a state of mindlessness,

There are no boundaries,

There are no limitations to what we can achieve,

The arrows of words,

Sink into the heart of ignorance,

Giving it new life,

From the dark narrow world,

More light and expansion,

More thoughts and tension,

Where apprehension meets realisation.

The future it calls and awaits,

It is listening for your answer,

Who are you?

Who will you become?

Will you stay true to the rhythm of your drum?

Or will you dance to another’s tune,

And forget that you know … your way.


The child of knowledge,

Carries the utterings of a million voices,

Ideas enshrined in the tomb of books,

Speaking to the dead,

They are exhausted but alive,

Their pain exhumed many questions, why?

We see ourselves in the spaces of glory,

And embalmed in their story,

Alas it is not our own,

We feel alone in the library of antiquity.


A messenger,

We reach out to deliver the word,

And the roots spread out across the lifeless plain,

But will they take hold and produce new growth?

For the tree of knowledge leaves its warning,

In the drought of global warming,

It knows but dares not act,

Where is the clarion call to humanity?

It is time to stop the insanity.


Wisdom urges you to feel again,

The windows are open,

And the time has come,

To follow your dreams,

What rhythm is your vibration,

Out of tune …

creates a new civilisation.


Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”