Why is the Australian Government Still Coal Burning Given Super Climatic Events?

The climate (politically and climaticly) is changing. When will people in authority realise the reality of change. It does not make economic sense to ignore change in favour of the economics of industry. If places are wiped out climaticly by super storms, earthquakes, ice melts (perma frost) etc. Does it not make sense that economically the cost/benefit of persuing fossil fuels is no longer a realistic argument.  Given the wars around the planet that are at their root due to the competition of the energy industry, does it not make sense to stop our demand for fossil fuels?  This decision in my mind will overtime catalyse sustainability and peace across the planet.

This video is from David Suzuki and authoratitive figure on the environment and climate change.  He makes it clear the link between burning fossil fuels and climate change. It is time to stop.

[VIDEO] David Suzuki explains the link between carbon emissions, climate change and extreme weather http://ow.ly/28wS30f52BN  #climatechange

My questions to the Australian Government is:

1) Why are they persisting in utilising old technology to meet energy needs rather than taking a proactive approach of renewable technologies to replace coal burning?

They may say renewable cannot compete (generate same kwh) with fossil fuels.  

2) Is the role of government to lead and find ways to use less energy as efficiency to ensure our ecological footprint does not affect future generations?  

Perhaps give solar panels to every household.  Cut back fossil fuel burning.  Look into technologies such as the orbital engine (Australian invention).  Electric cars.  Tesla free energy models.  Magnetics. Wind farms. Find the solution.  

(2) Are decisions being made becaue of the influence of the energy lobby?  

If so, my vote is to please stop allowing economic interests dominate over the best interest of the community in a democratic country.  The future of the planet is more important than short term interests of the few. Assist the energy industry to change more rapidly to renewables as it is entering these markets. Industries will have to adapt to a low energy future.  Tax breaks can be given to those industries that reach zero emissions. They could be promoted and awarded for moving forward in a low-zero energy future.


Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”