The Usurpation of Democracy by Repugnant Secrecy in Government

This video is recommended viewing as it is time for people to wake up and learn about what is done in their name.  Moreover, the secrecy that is reflected in what is termed the shadow government is the corruption of democracy through the advancement of capitalism which is increasingly about self interest over best… Continue reading

Former US Intelligence Officer Says It is Time to Speak About UFOs

It is inspiring to see a Deputy Director of Intelligence speaking out about UFOs. Visibility, openness and freedom are fundamentals to democracy. This can only be ensured when those in democratic countries see their duty in the public interest not political interests. The whole structure of government has been charged to represent the people not… Continue reading

Dr Steven Greer at the Citizens Hearing on Extraterrestrials

The speaker is Dr. Steven Greer who is the head of the Centre for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence.  Interesting to learn about facilities such as Pine Gap, US Airforce facility.  He spoke to the Deputy Prime Minister about this subject apparently. Transparency is the key to peace. it takes great courage to… Continue reading

De-Mock-Racy or The Force Awakens in US?

I felt to write a poem inspired by the US Election.  As usual I have no idea what will flow but found answers as I flowed to awaken from the dream. I have not watched one news cast about this election but can feel the world’s focus on this event. The twin towers comes… Continue reading

Worse than Watergate: The Secret Presidency of George W. Bush


I met John Dean at La Trobe University, Melbourne.  He has an important story to share not only for Americans but for the world.  We are affected by the United States and its lived reality as our politicians can follow or identify with their side of politics.  So we are all… Continue reading

Citizens Hearing on Disclosure Session 1 – Extraterrestrials


Here is an introduction into the Citizens Hearing on Extraterrestrials.  The hearing is being run by retired Senators and it is geographically based close to the Whitehouse.  They are asking questions that they feel represent the people.  They desire to better inform the public on extraterrestrials.  The testimonials are from… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”