Former US Intelligence Officer Says It is Time to Speak About UFOs

It is inspiring to see a Deputy Director of Intelligence speaking out about UFOs. Visibility, openness and freedom are fundamentals to democracy. This can only be ensured when those in democratic countries see their duty in the public interest not political interests. The whole structure of government has been charged to represent the people not control them or lie to them.  

The UFO phenomenon may indeed be a unifying one where people start to come together on the basis of honesty and shared interest.  I understand in the past why there were fears about revealing information to the public and the fear of endangering individual lives and the other side in the cold war.  At some point we have to trust life and ourselves to reveal secrets that are in the public interest.  This is the duty of government whom are increasingly serving vested interests. They too have lost their way.

There is a wise saying by Lao Tzu (800BC).  

“…it is the duty of those who know to tell the blind horseman on a blind horse, that he is heading towards the abyss…”

In truth democracy is about sharing power and representation of the people. It gives the ability to those who are affected by some event or situation to be able to have a say in what to do about it.  This is empowerment. Democracy was about empowering people to speak up in freedom.  This is the olive branch handed to the intelligence community. It is time to disclose the truth to the public.  Would they want to know?  Yes.

Here is a witness testimonial of former Major George Filer, US Airforce.  He was an intelligence officer most of his career.  In that period he briefed Generals and Congressmen. 

Below is an article and YouTube on UFO’s over Stonehenge.

Details about the UFO photograph are sketchy. The photograph was submitted to a UFO recording agency on June 21st and was purportedly taken shortly before that. The black UFO appears to be over Stonehenge and two people seem to be looking at it but no other information is given about how long it was there nor how it left the area. It’s estimated to be 20 to 30 feet in diameter.

This would not be the first time a UFO has visited Stonehenge. British ufologist Nigel Watson recalls a disc-shaped object reported a few years ago that shined a beam of light on the ground. Then there is the photograph found in declassified files released by the UK Ministry of Defence of a UFO over Stonehenge in 2009.

UFO over Stonehenge in January 2009

UFO over Stonehenge in January 2009

Back on the ground, a crop circle was discovered in a field about 1 km from Stonehenge shortly after the summer solstice. Aerial videos were later taken using drones. Like the UFOs, Stonehenge has attracted crop circles over the years. As usual, there were no witnesses to the creation of the crop circle other than the anonymous creators themselves. No explanation of what the shape might represent has been given so far by crop circle experts.

Crop circle near Stonehenge

Crop circle near Stonehenge

So we have a mysterious photograph of a UFO over Stonehenge and an aerial view of a crop circle near it. Skeptics and believers will disagree on both. The real mystery is the stone monument at the center that continues to attract, awe and mystify us (and possibly aliens) millenniums after it was built.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”