What Do The Crop Circles Mean? WTF

I had to write WTF for the sheer fun of it.  This is a great YouTube apparently channelling the Acturians who are higher dimensional beings. They are considered the most loving ET’s.

The crop circles to my way of thinking should be an exciting moment in human history rather than secretive and ignored, nothing like denial. It is not a river in Egypt.  I laugh when I recall my clown buddy saying he did the crop circles with a piece of string and wood running in circles.  I laughed at the time.  It is clear they are highly sophisticated and it is clear they are codes. It is clear they are not human. We are not that clever.

I look at the media and see what we report and I smile.  The real story has been hidden yet I feel today it is no longer. YouTube has been an amazing channel for expanding our knowledge of who or what we are and what these events that affect our planet are about.  Empowerment is the key that opens a doorway to new understandings.  If we weren’t meant to know about it, then it would not be clearly visible.

We are indeed in exciting times.  Can we control them? Of course not.  Control is not the issue, the key issue is unity and harmony.  When you see geometry you realise it is all about symmetry. It is about balance. These are teachings in symbolic form.  The sum of the parts expresses the whole.  The whole expresses the sum of the parts? Perhaps similar to chaos theory the more you zoom in you realise it is the same pattern replicating.  A blueprint.  It is a universal language. It moves us out of linear thinking into impressionist awakening I am perceiving.  On some level we know is my feeling.  I loved in the video the circles described like music.  The harmony of the spheres comes to mind, I’ve written that in poetry. Refer http://www.ancient-wisdom.com/harmonics.htm

I think we are slowly learning to sing as the one voice.  Harmony is efficient. Harmony is inclusive. Harmony is joy. Harmony is expansive in celebration. I feel that when I am clowning.  I feel love for all I see. I feel this as reality. There is an inner music that sees and feels nothing fearful just joy expressing. I feel very alive in these moments.  I feel this is our happy destiny. I feel the message here is to remember fear is not real as it is discordant, asymmetrical – imbalanced.  Fear is often quoted as False Evidence Appearing Real. If the Law of Attraction is indeed a real phenomenon (I think so) then we attract what we focus on. So simply focus on harmony and unity as your over the horizon radar. And whallah like a magician you can sing it into reality. Sing up a storm or sing for your supper.  I am just having fun with thoughts and feeling as the rise up like champagne in my heart.

So a message from the Arcturians? I guess only you can feel it in your heart. You may note I said ‘feel’ a lot above as this is the core encoding (in my feeling). This is the resonance the relating that is spoken about. Not everything has to be borne out in facts to be true.  Feeling is a strong navigator to knowledge. We see truth as in right and wrong (descartes model) rather than inspiration that feels for inner truth that in reality is not human.  That came to me in inspiration now.  So the sounds and inspirations are part of this universe of which we are re-membering.  In essence we are not separate is the point. We are that unity.

Enjoy another perspective you decide what you feel. I can only share.  Have fun!


Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”