Can We Stop Corruption?

When one sees to look corruption is about exclusion (division).  Opposing forces naturally arise as humanity desires to rebalance the imbalance. It is natural to speak up, it is natural to choose who we are by our own expression.

I walked into the forest recently and it was a wild night, rain, wind and… Continue reading

Planet X and Earth Changes

This commentator has caught my attention.  I like his analysis (not that I understand it I don’t) but I sense it is relevant.  None of us can know the true extent of cosmic changes given limits to technology and our civilisation experiencing uncertainty and great change.  There is no point in being… Continue reading

De-Mock-Racy or The Force Awakens in US?

I felt to write a poem inspired by the US Election.  As usual I have no idea what will flow but found answers as I flowed to awaken from the dream. I have not watched one news cast about this election but can feel the world’s focus on this event. The twin towers comes… Continue reading

The Miracle of Life

I felt inspired to post this again. I feel one with the cosmic body.


The cosmic body,
The planetary body,
The human body,
Are bodies moving in space and time,
They are self regulating,
Universal time clocks,
Revolving around orbital engines,
Of an expanding universe,
On time.

I travel into… Continue reading

Spiral Portal in Australia Reported by 7 News and Norwegian Portal

This was a spiral filmed over Australia in 2010. There was another one filmed over Norway (see below). I somehow don’t think the same rocket blasting off from Cape Canaveral explains both sightings.

This is the Norway spiral reported in the Norwegian news around the same time. A very interesting phenomenon. I had a look… Continue reading

Hidden Portals in Magnetic Field & UFOs

NASA Discovers Hidden Portals In Earth’s Magnetic Field



Our planet has come a long way in scientific breakthroughs and discoveries. Mainstream science is beginning to discover new concepts of reality that have the potential to change our perception about our planet and the extraterrestrial environment that surrounds it forever.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”