To Fly is the Teaching of the 21st Century as the Real Evolution

Pink Floyd were visionaries.  David Gilmour’s voice is peace in action.

Do you believe you can fly?  Is the feather the feather of truth? Is it the idea of possibility when it seems impossible?

I interpret this as the fool who believes and then sees.  Just note you are watching in a… Continue reading

The Question of Education as Mind Control or the Mind of a Poet Breaking Free?

Another brilliant Pink Floyd depiction of the question about how education controls.  Are we able to co-create a future where what we value is at the centre?  I call this the centre-peace.  Poets are seen as dreamers and floating off in dreams that are not practical or realistic.  They are minimised… Continue reading

Australia’s First Museum of Freedom and Tolerance

For those who observe Australian politics, know that the people of Australia do not share intolerance or give lip service to freedom.  Human rights is universal and in everyone’s interest.  It is so inspiring to see ordinary people come together and work for peace by educating others in the reality of who we… Continue reading

The Meek Inherit the New Earth



I close my eyes,

I cast my drift net around the world,

For there are schools of thought,


Rules imposed,


Democracy is caught up in a coral reef,

Bleached by a crown of thorns,

As many are sacrificing to comply,

As… Continue reading

The Parliamentary Equilateral Triangle Ascends Beyond Plato and Aristotle to Discover the Law of ONE

The Parliamentary Equilateral Triangle Ascends Beyond Plato and Aristotle
to Discover the Law of ONE


What is corruption?

Cor’rupt’ion ‘phthora’,

A rupture in the body politic?

A standard deviation from the error of the estimate

of minimum standards,

Where the ends justifies the means.


The usher of the Black Rod stands at West… Continue reading

Smart Cities in the Future – No Privacy, Own Nothing in 2030

I think the original intent of these ideas was efficiency but the problem is the greed of those who wish to control, or as some call it, Full Spectrum Dominance.  I have issues with artificial intelligence taking jobs, however, if artificial intelligence removed corruption that would be amenable to me.  That is they… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”