The Question of Education as Mind Control or the Mind of a Poet Breaking Free?

Another brilliant Pink Floyd depiction of the question about how education controls.  Are we able to co-create a future where what we value is at the centre?  I call this the centre-peace.  Poets are seen as dreamers and floating off in dreams that are not practical or realistic.  They are minimised and ignored as irrelevant.  What if the real education rested in the poetry of the soul?

Perhaps the real awareness comes from in-sight rather than outer stimuli.  Thus, wisdom is an inner experience re-framing the world, or indeed exploding the myths of what is taught.

Note the film is not about inciting violence it is about breaking down the walls of ignorance. All art is a metaphor.  If I was to work with children I would encourage them to question their fears, to stand in the shoes of the teacher who clearly was repressed by his wife and to learn from life.  The walls in truth come down in our own hearts.






Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”