De-Mock-Racy or The Force Awakens in US?

I felt to write a poem inspired by the US Election.  As usual I have no idea what will flow but found answers as I flowed to awaken from the dream. I have not watched one news cast about this election but can feel the world’s focus on this event. The twin towers comes… Continue reading

Rainforest Destruction is Bad Medicine for the Planet

Here is an overview of why rainforests are critical to life on earth. When we finally come to understand that we are one with nature and what we do to nature befalls us. We are intricately linked with nature. So why are we killing ourselves slowly?

Nature is all about balance and interdependency, human society… Continue reading

Oil Drilling On Trial In the World’s Oceans Who Really Profits?

I was just overviewing my blog to be reminded of the blog I put together on the BP oil spill. We live in a world where there is so many distractions that we forget the important issues. In my previous blog issues are raised about the oil spill affecting the functioning of the Gulf Stream.… Continue reading

Caught in the Web of Social Disintegration

I wrote this short paper and sent it to Bill Emmott the Editor of the Economist back in the early 1990’s. At the time I chose to experiment with a new style of writing essays that more flowed then was structured. It was actually a form of poetry within an essay process that reflected the… Continue reading

Vote 1: A Civil Manifesto For Social and Sustainable Prosperity

I wrote this at 4am in the morning feeling inspired. I then sent it to all the politicians in the Australian Parliament. I didn’t receive any comment but I exercised my citizenship. I also last year placed it on Obama’s blog, I wondered how it would be received. I think I speak for many people.… Continue reading

Colin Powell Endorses Obama in a Climate of Real Change

I wouldn’t normally be interested in campaign advertisements, but as usual, I found this by chance and was not lost on the significance.  I did mention Colin Powell (former Secretary of State) in one of my blogs and the fact that he left the Bush Administration.  My inner feeling was that he was… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”