War Crimes

Scott Ritter Stating that War is Unethical

Scott Ritter speaks about Syria and chemical weapons.  He makes a clear point that war is unethical.  We become so nationalised by war cries in defence of so called values that run counter to humanity.  What we are witnessing today is the brutality inflicted on civilians in these endless wars using and… Continue reading

Is War a Racket?

I feel an urgency in my postings tonight.  I am attempting to Awaken the Fool who will listen and learn.

This outline is exactly the same issue today.  As nothing has changed.  An interesting quote by Major General Smedley Butler.

“…Another step necessary in this fight to smash the war racket is… Continue reading

War Veterans Calling for Peace

AUGUST 28, 2018

Molan’s meretricious mumblings

In December 2017, Jim Molan, a retired Major General, was deemed “elected” to the Australian Senate.  I think it’s probably fair to describe him, based… Continue reading

A Brave New World or a Braver World of Whistleblowers

I am inspired today.  I always know when I am as there is just one continuous flow as I work.  Virtually no pause.   I feel Pink Floyd will be a channel for the feeling of many.

I love the dove in the beginning that turns into a dark eagle.  Clearly… Continue reading

Why are Crimes by Soldiers Hidden or Sanctioned by Governments? What of Judicial Oversight?

It is interesting that I happened across this article.  I was contemplating people in Syria this morning under the bombs.  I wondered about those dropping them.  I recall watching a film by an Iraqi doctor showing cross hair targeting of civilians away from bombing targets.  I also have heard stories of… Continue reading

Israel Human Rights Violations of the Bedouin

Human rights is the right to be human.  When we deny people democratic processes, a voice and support in speaking their truth we move towards dictatorship and we use our narratives to justify oppression.  As I said in my previous blog there is ‘no enemy’ unless hate becomes your god.  My allegiance… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”