Scott Ritter Stating that War is Unethical

Scott Ritter speaks about Syria and chemical weapons.  He makes a clear point that war is unethical.  We become so nationalised by war cries in defence of so called values that run counter to humanity.  What we are witnessing today is the brutality inflicted on civilians in these endless wars using and fuelling terrorism.  Real peace building does not look anything like what we hear, see and realise.  It is to invest in power, control and profiteering in my view at the expense of civilians.  Stories, black ops and spin mix in with elements of truth to create confusion and an inability for the public to make a clear decision based on clear evidence, given their tax dollars are used to justify atrocities.

This is an audio interview from Talk Nation Radio providing a perspective on war, the complexity of issues and clarification on the processes for military responses.  A few points:

  • He indicates that Syria has been accused of violating international wars and chemical weapons conventions. He states there is no evidence that the Syrian government has violated the Chemical Weapons Convention.
  • What is difficult for civilians is to understand the truth of matters as the media says one thing, the US says another, the Syrians make their claims, the Russians have a version of events and other commentators.   This is where we rely on insiders.  Scott Ritter came out against the US government as a whistle-blower in respect of the war in Iraq as an illegal war of aggression.  He speaks of politicisation and the justifications for war, which impacts civilians predominantly.
  • The commercial media runs with what is claimed without questioning or verifying the information from a critical or peace building perspective. This is clear in respect of the war on terrorism and embedded journalism.
  • He speaks about the Chemical Weapons Convention and how the process works and US bullying and unilateralism.  He speaks of US violating international law and he asserts US law.  He makes a really interesting point of no evidence provided, no direct threat, no checks and balances to halt the rush to war (article 51).  He says in American democracy checks and balances must come into play but the Congress abrogated responsibility to an executive who can launch weapons at a whim.
  • He talks to those who think that a global war on terror is great, he states that missiles launched on the basis of falsified evidence presented on Saudi backed Islamic fundamentalist group who he asserts beheads women and children etc. He asks who are we fighting for when launching missiles? He sees it as an act of theatre to lift a President’s standing, it is about anything other than a threat to the US. This is a key point.

The politicisation of events to enhance or retain power makes it very confusing. We need an independent commission to investigate claims, like Interpol, to be able to verify information without bias so the public are not misled by erroneous claims that entice hatred and fear and perpetuate warfare that benefits the few over the many.

It is the truth that sets all free.  You have to discern this if you really want to understand. Set an intention to find information that is truthful in order to understand.  An ignorant public is what enables those with less honourable intentions to commit war crimes in the name of international security.  It is a threat in truth to peace and real security.   Deception and greed are the key drivers.

Talk Nation Radio: Scott Ritter: Syria and the Myth of Ethical Wars

Scott Ritter is a former Marine Corps intelligence officer who worked in the former Soviet Union implementing arms control treaties, in the Persian Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, and in Iraq overseeing the disarmament of WMD. He is the author of Deal of the Century: How Iran Blocked the West’s Road to War. And he recently published an article in the American Conservative called “Trump’s Rush to Judgment on Syria Chemical Attack.”

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