How to Ensure Truth in Media Reporting in the Public Interest?

I have found News Corporation listing of media ownership on Wikipedia.  It is noteworthy to see how extensive it is in Australia. The important point of media diversity is the many voices reporting so that the news is not controlled, massaged, edited, contoured, created or blocked by any media outlet.

When I was a… Continue reading

The CIA’s Infiltration of the Media to Control Public Opinion

The public knowledge of corruption is the real fear of government.  There are relationships between government and media that are not neutral nor in the public interest. Evidence pertaining to this should go before a neutral judge and media companies delisted.  It should carry a high penalty as it goes to the heart… Continue reading

US Forces in Australia an American Australian Association?

The American/Australian association… Continue reading

John F Kennedy Warns of Secrecy, Covert Operations and an Informed Public

I feel his words are relevant today with the surveillance community and the IT revolution of Smart Cities which has the potential to know the private lives of citizens.  He speaks of restraints but I wonder are they in the shape of other nations or corporations?  It seems to me the same issues… Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch’s Lineage, Legacy and a Worldpeacefull

What this article taught me is that son’s follow in their father’s.  I realise Rupert inherited his beliefs and influence from his father which impacted our world.

Yet if he didn’t exist Worldpeacefull (my work) wouldn’t exist. What an irony I have just realised tonight.  I will tell you about that after… Continue reading

Rupert Murdoch, CIA and Conservative Influence – is it Good, Bad or Ugly?

The issue with media interference in politics is the lack of ethics in politicians and this impetus to win at any cost.  It completely undermines the principles of democracy which is about the will of the people.  In truth it is anti-democratic conduct and distortions in the media to influence people to think… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”