Why are Crimes by Soldiers Hidden or Sanctioned by Governments? What of Judicial Oversight?

It is interesting that I happened across this article.  I was contemplating people in Syria this morning under the bombs.  I wondered about those dropping them.  I recall watching a film by an Iraqi doctor showing cross hair targeting of civilians away from bombing targets.  I also have heard stories of… Continue reading

Rights and Responsibilities of Athena

Rights and responsibilities always are companions.  The image of Athena I saw in Athens. Fascinating.


The goddess of wisdom, strategy, warfare, skill, justice, and crafts. 

Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis.
Zeus had fallen in love with Metis and chased her for days, then cornered her near a cliff… Continue reading

Justice is Learning that Equality is Real

This has come to me in inspiration.  There are those who believe equality is not real, that it is not possible, that it is about rebalancing everything.  Of course life is permeated by injustice and justice and this is experienced from our own perceptions of what we think is fair, what we expect… Continue reading

Gagging Laws – Sit Down, Shut Up or GetUP!!

My awareness has been raised significantly around this topic.  I interviewed GetUp years ago in Sydney when they first started.  It is interesting to see how Government is changing from when I was a child.  I was around during the time of Gough Whitlam (Prime Minister), discussions were robust and there was… Continue reading

Higher Justice is to Know Thyself and Be True to All

Sometimes in life it seems there is no Justice, life can seem unfair.  However, if you view life as a learning process that is not meant to be perfect but perhaps imperfection actually being perfect, then the mirror of Justice shines a little brighter.

My search in life is for a higher justice that… Continue reading

Is it Just for Assange to be Detained for 7 Years Without Charge?

How is it possible in a Western democracy for an Australian (or any nationality) to be detained for 7 years without charge?  How is a charge for jumping bail relevant if he is innocent?  Given Britain and US are allies can this affect judicial outcomes given perceived threats?

I often wonder how he… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”