Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill 2017

In the public interest. 

This is an excerpt from GetUp! to give another perspective.  Refer https://www.getup.org.au/campaigns/democracy/andrew-wilkie-s-warning/this-whistleblower-has-a-warning-for-us?t=ELnR2h03e&utm_campaign=Another_step_towards_a_police_state&utm_content=25783&utm_medium=email&utm_source=blast#accordion-module-content-45797

The Espionage and Foreign Interference Bill is a deeply complex piece of legislation. A lot of it is uncontroversial, even beneficial (for example, reasonable changes to our mutiny laws). 

However, there are two major issues… Continue reading

GetUp off the Couch: The Danger of Community Advocacy

I love this.  Maybe democracy might actually happen in response to government suppression.  The only thing I’d say to GETUP! in the interests of democracy is try to avoid words like ‘attack’, these are not attacks it is coming from fear as there are other plays involved. It is about problem solving with… Continue reading

UK Human Rights Act 1998


Given the human rights abuses here in Australia, why doesn’t Australia have a Human Rights Act?


Human Rights Act 1998

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Human Rights Act 1998
Long title An Act to give further effect to rights and freedoms guaranteed under the European Convention on Human… Continue reading

Gagging Laws – Sit Down, Shut Up or GetUP!!

My awareness has been raised significantly around this topic.  I interviewed GetUp years ago in Sydney when they first started.  It is interesting to see how Government is changing from when I was a child.  I was around during the time of Gough Whitlam (Prime Minister), discussions were robust and there was… Continue reading

GMOs Encircling Natural Crops – Is this Act immunity, impunity or impurity?

I find it an interesting irony that the issue of GMOs came up for me tonight after the blog on crop circles.  I definitely feel a connection in that some claim that the crop circles are messages about our stewardship.  The GMO issue for myself is concerning as plants are the foundation to… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”