Justice is Learning that Equality is Real

This has come to me in inspiration.  There are those who believe equality is not real, that it is not possible, that it is about rebalancing everything.  Of course life is permeated by injustice and justice and this is experienced from our own perceptions of what we think is fair, what we expect from others etc.

I am meditating on empathy.  I am feeling for the truth of equality.  I know it is not about sameness it is about balance.  This comes from the sense of the ‘other’ as ‘myself’.  It is not just about giving 50% to this one and 50% to that one.  It is sensing what is fair.

In the title I speak of Real, in my REAL HOPE program REAL means Responsibility, Empathy, Awareness, Love.  This is a model for authenticity.  So when a Judge, arbiter or middle person has internalised responsiblity (as the ability to respond to all that is said, not cliché), when she or he is sitting peacefully in awareness (expanded perception, things are not as they seem), when he or she feels love for self and other, then authentic communication arises.

This is having a real conversation about what has happened. This is look to both in a way that is fair.  For it is in the highest interests of both that truth sits at the table. Empathy joins and looks upon others – this one I feel is me, then turns to the other, this one I feel is me.  There is no judgement. I then understand. Under the same set of circumstances I am that one. 

So how to bring Justice to the moment? Be Just and speak to those others as yourself, no fear or favour, speak in authenticity allowing for truth to be understood. Speak the truth from the heart of the matter.

This is justice from a feminine perspective.

This is my inner feeling.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”