Victorian Travel Passes Trialled to De-Criminalise and Assist the Poor


Victorian Travel Passes

Shelter WA welcomes a move by the Victorian Government to offer discounted travel passes to those most in need as a model that could be trialled in WA.

A ticketing review found many poor, homeless or people who are disadvantaged are forced to fare evade to get to appointments and access… Continue reading

ABC Television Q&A Forum: Climate, Welfare and Religious Schools

Monday 15 October, 2018

Climate, Welfare and Religious Schools

Excerpt from Jeffrey Sachs:   He’s bizarre, let’s face it. I mean, let’s be honest about this – he’s absolutely the weirdest president we’ve ever had. And dangerous also. But he’s also representing more than that. He’s representing the corruption of the American political system.… Continue reading

The Entrenched Disadvantage of Those Who Render Others Unequal

We women speak of the glass ceiling but whatabout the steal enforced class walls erected to ensure poverty exists.  This is what ensures that the jobs not in demand are done.  When I hear words of inequality I understand deeply the psychological walls that render some ‘in’ and others ‘out’ or competitively those… Continue reading

Calls for more Affordable Housing and Equality

The issue of rental affordability is really evident today.  I recall back in the 1990’s I rented a property for $140 a week, it was a 3 bedroom house in Brisbane.  Today you would be looking at around $250-$350 or more.  I find it very disturbing the way Real Estates have people… Continue reading

Tax Cuts or Welfare?

Do the poorest of the poor benefit in a flat economy (likely to stagnate)?

A Budget of Tax Cuts and Welfare Crackdown

A Budget of Tax Cuts and Welfare Crackdown

A revenue windfall ahead of the looming general election has seen the government burnish its economic credentials by forecasting a $2.2 billion surplus in fiscal… Continue reading

3 Million in Australia Living BELOW the Poverty Line

I am currently living on around $60-80 per week and this is insecure not permanent.  I house sit in a home that is about to go on the market, so I am close to losing security.  I have just enough for food and fuel.  I would be statistically underemployed as a ‘conscientious… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”