The Entrenched Disadvantage of Those Who Render Others Unequal

We women speak of the glass ceiling but whatabout the steal enforced class walls erected to ensure poverty exists.  This is what ensures that the jobs not in demand are done.  When I hear words of inequality I understand deeply the psychological walls that render some ‘in’ and others ‘out’ or competitively those… Continue reading

Iceland Legislated Equal Pay for Women as a First in the World

So why is Australia still unequal?  It seems that the financial situation of women has been by design to keep women in a dependent situations and reflects discrimination.  I believe it is also conscious or unconscious punishment for women seeking independence by going to work and owning equality. 

I was trained as… Continue reading

The Case for a Basic Income for Everyone

Update: I no longer subscribe to this as I realise it is about dismantling social security and services that support vulnerable people.  The UBI in principle is a good idea if it was grounded in true service but I see it today as a means to remove a physical currency and create greater dependency.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”