60 Minutes: Julie Bishop Speaking out About Politics

I have sat in the Australian Federal Parliament and I haven’t been impressed.  I am a trainer in anti-bullying and I was concerned at the bullying I saw that hides behind Parliamentary Privilege.  I remember looking around the room and wondering what the children thought of the performance.  What struck me was… Continue reading

Taxing Times: Panama Papers, High-wealth Individuals avoid Income Tax

This provides insight into one rule for us and one rule for the wealth and power elites.  Below is a video from Mila Melnikoff  speaking about her experience in Russia, deregulation and Star Technologies of which Malcolm Turnbull was a director.

Panama Papers make Bill Shorten’s election sales pitch less taxing

Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno Accused of Corruption

Corruption is the theme of our times.  What I am learning is that you cannot pick those who are corrupt or are not, they seem like anyone and perhaps they are.  However, the disease of corruption has permeated our globe as money talks and values walk.  I found this article on President… Continue reading

The Panama Tax Cabal Paper Trials

The dis-ease of greed leads people into corruption.  It is a path that will not bring happiness.  This raises questions about who pays tax and who doesn’t.  I have contemplated the tax havens, the rorts, the subsidiary companies created to hide transactions, the shelf companies, the private meetings where money exchanges and… Continue reading

ING, Money Laundering and Corruption Probe

ING faces money-laundering and corruption probe

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Dutch corruption probe into ING money laundering

Dutch open probe into ING corruption, money laundering   

Dutch lender ING has confirmed it is facing a criminal investigation into alleged… Continue reading

How Fair is Political/Employer Influence in the Fair Work Commission?

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”