May Aung Sun Suu Kyi find REAL HOPE in Burma

This interview was undertaken a year ago.  It feels like a good place to start to assess the situation for Aung Sun Suu Kyi.  Clearly today the Rohingya are facing genocide.  Why do people wish to exterminate a people? They are seeing them as a threat.

REAL HOPE (s) is from my… Continue reading

Is the Issue of Terrorism in the Philippines about Inequality, Poverty and Corruption?

I heard about my government entering the conflict in Philippines.  My first thoughts were Mindanao as one of the participants on the Rotary Peace and Conflict Studies Program was a Christian from the Philippines and he was keen to talk about Mindanao. I was aware that the Muslim/Christian Conflict had occurred.  I… Continue reading

The Philosopher’s Stone Transforms Homeless Angels

This is dedicated to my many teachers who see differently to me.  I allow the indifference and call it love. For I have learned to love myself.


The Philosopher’s Stone Transforms Homeless Angels


What is the truth that sets you free?

To be who you are,

Without censure.


We live in… Continue reading

Sacred Rites at Standing Rock Pipe-Dreams or Pipe-Line?


I just had this issue turn up for me. I don’t have television so I am learning about it. I heard that chemicals were used on the native American people and felt drawn to look at what is happening.

I found a YouTube citizen news cast which opened up some very interesting questions. It… Continue reading

Do They Care About Us?

This is an interesting song by Michael Jackson entitled ‘They Don’t Care About Us’. I remember hearing it years ago and realising that Michael Jackson was political. I remember thinking at the time ‘I didn’t know that’. I might just pause and think what does political mean? It means he challenged power, it doesn’t mean… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”