Geometry of Music

This YouTube video will provide information about Pythagoras and music.  It provides an overview of the geometry of music.

Chad: Children Dancing for Peace

This is a wonderful song posted by European Union Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection

These are the voices of the EU Children of Peace in 2014, the children are from Chad.


Below is information from the UNHCR, Chad is being impacted from conflict in surrounding Central African Republic, South Sudan, Nigeria, Chadian returnees at… Continue reading

Geometric Science Opens Up a Spiral Enquiry of the Universe

I was sent this video and it is well done.   The film fuses science with sacred geometry.  Very interesting.  You decide what it means to you.

When I wrote this poem below it came through inspiration, I didn’t know about the Golden ratio until I wrote the poem, I felt to… Continue reading

Do They Care About Us?

This is an interesting song by Michael Jackson entitled ‘They Don’t Care About Us’. I remember hearing it years ago and realising that Michael Jackson was political. I remember thinking at the time ‘I didn’t know that’. I might just pause and think what does political mean? It means he challenged power, it doesn’t mean… Continue reading

Beethoven’s Last Symphony

This poem was inspired by Beethoven and written with great love for the great soul he is.


Beethoven’s 9th symphony of completion,
Is a thunderous shocking tension,
Gliding gentle gentiles into the lullaby of the inner world,
Composition becomes comparisons of competition between heaven and earth,
Rising and falling in… Continue reading

Van Halen Clowning Around

I love this song ‘Panama’ and what I really dig is how they clown around on stage. They are excellent performers. Yes, David Lee Roth was a very sexy guy, he was in touch with his sexuality. When men show this without ego it is great.

I just watched an interview with Eddie Van Halen… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”