Van Halen Clowning Around

I love this song ‘Panama’ and what I really dig is how they clown around on stage. They are excellent performers. Yes, David Lee Roth was a very sexy guy, he was in touch with his sexuality. When men show this without ego it is great.

I just watched an interview with Eddie Van Halen in 2012 it is interesting to see them as older guys. The interview featured his son and he went on to say he recalled in the kitchen his son had rhythm and he said ‘thanks god’. What an amazing experience for his son to experience playing with his father and legends in the rock area.

So I thought I’d post Panama, I was into Van Halen when I was younger and still am. Woo hoo. Perhaps David Lee Roth and Eddie want to come clowning one day. They remind us life is enthusiastic, fresh and above all great fun. Good on you guys you make me smile and dance at the keyboard. Thank god the headphones have a long chord….

Live life to the fullest.  Below is blocked here is the link to YouTube

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