Robert Reich: Saving Capitalism is “To Be Heard”

Robert Reich’s ‘Saving Capitalism’

This information describes how business meets its needs.  How it changes the rules.  In conflict resolution we talk about competing interests and seeking to find the middle ground in order to resolve conflict, however if others are not willing to meet in the middle then we are talking about… Continue reading

Are Cuts to the Australian Broadcasting Commission (ABC) about Curtailing Freedom of Speech?

I just noticed I wrote Australian Broadcasting Commission not Corporation, that has to do with my age.  When I was young it was called this.  What is really obvious now I look to see and see to look is that it is a corporation.  That means it can trade.  This is… Continue reading

In Defence of a Future Ready for 21st Century Online Education

This article below was found by chance but I think it formulates the Agenda behind 21st century education.  This is a movement that will move children to online education. Parents will say that makes sense they stay on the computers anyway, might as well learn.  However, the reality is that human beings are… Continue reading

Awakening from the Dream of Capitalism

Yes I can certainly relate to this.  We are blamed for the demise of capitalism.  This is the structure of disempowerment in denial of reality as we seek to keep business-as-usual going pretending all is well when in truth the planet is sending signals of collapse as tipping points are knocked over. The… Continue reading

Overseas Investors Buying up Local Housing Market

he Chinese strategy has been not war but economic dominance. They have bought up resources and properties globally. Given we see investment as good rather than affecting local prices, people sell to the highest bidder.  This is called business without conscience.  Gandhi spoke of this.

Wall of Chinese capital buying up Australian… Continue reading

Is Purchasing Democracy One Vote One Value

I find the whole process of donations undermining of democracy.  Why do we have an electoral system if those in business can gain influence and support through the monetary signal of donations to parties.  The higher the donation the higher the access.  Ordinary people (who are not ordinary at all) have no… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”