Case of the Tillman Act 1901 Banning Political Donations, Why not Now?

Til the man Acts on political donations then we can start to look at equalising political power towards citizens.  This is critical at this time given democracy is representation of the people by the people.  There is a yearning for fairness in the community.  People need to believe in leaders if this… Continue reading

Netflix, Zukerberg, Gates Corporatising Education is that WISE?

In London many years ago I worked for a educational provider that had corporate advertising on education resources.  I know how impressionable children are and contemplated the fact they were accessing kids subliminally. 

This is gap is due to the government funding cuts to education as it steps back from providing public goods… Continue reading

Is Purchasing Democracy One Vote One Value

I find the whole process of donations undermining of democracy.  Why do we have an electoral system if those in business can gain influence and support through the monetary signal of donations to parties.  The higher the donation the higher the access.  Ordinary people (who are not ordinary at all) have no… Continue reading

Do Private Interests Garner Influence Through Political Donations?

Is it democracy to allow some private interests to be able to gain access to political leaders by paying a higher price than the public can afford? 

What happens when these interests get a contract to deliver public goods such as education, health, security (intelligence), detention centres or social security to name a few?… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”