US Congress Open Letter to Committee on Government Reform Corrupting Terrorism

This letter raises issues about US businesses with political connections profiting from war.  Halliburton was run by Dick Cheney (CEO).  Note Dick Cheney was the defense secretary (conflict of interest?) and later Vice President of the United States.   For example:

“Following the end of Operation Desert Storm in February… Continue reading

Speak Up: Academia, Climate Change, Toxic Spraying and 5G Frequencies

Geoengineering I used to think was about geology and engineering, it is actually about geographical control.  Geoengineering is whistle-blowing on government, military, intelligence in the public interest and at great risk.  My post on Kevin Shipp a former CIA anti-terrorism specialist was shutdown on Facebook

The message by Dale Wigington… Continue reading

Queensland Police State a Model on How to Decrease Civil Liberties and Democratic Freedom

The model of the era of Joh Bjelke Petersen provides significiant insights into how to recognise the rise of fascism.  This is about totalitarian rule not democratic rights.  It is an example of unchecked power.  It is evident when control is exercised, other authorities undermined, to benefit corporate interests (mates) at the… Continue reading

Future Ready Economies

This is a global initiative to link all communities to government and business organisations.  Does this make us Future Ready?  Do we live in a digital age? What is the Future?  Do you really know?

Dell is an IT company.   This looks like a boom for the IT industry, but… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”