Recalibrate Yourself to Harmonise Unity within Diversity

I would like to discuss balance following on from the previous blog. Sacred geometry is about structure and balance. What I gleen from this is that the universe is made up of geometric energy patterns that harmonises and balance. A triangle or pyramid shape reveals that all sides are balanced and equal. I perceive at this point that the stability of the universe is connected to the balance inherent within material creation. You only need walk in nature to see the symmetry of plants and trees. The root system holds up these huge trees as the sum of the parts knows the whole. The whole of nature is interconnected and consisting of communication, flows, feedback loops, sensitivity to temperature, adaptability (genetics) to ensure that it harmonises with the whole system. Human societies in ancient times drew upon ancient knowledge of harmony through geomancy, ritual, prayer and social order to ensure members of the group, tribe and civilisation were in harmony, that was called order.

What I see today is that we have lost our rhythm, we are out of harmony not only with ourselves but with the greater picture. We have designed cities over time, often in adhoc development. We have chosen industrial systems which work along mechanistic linear lines to produce output without any sense of the greater whole into which products and services flow. The use of the price mechanism was one way to try and balance demand and supply with equilibrium (intersection) but greed was the wild card that sought to expand demand (marketing, needs) so supply would expand and hence profits. Self interest undermined the natural harmony that would reach equilibrium if people were responding to natural need or desire rather than greed (fear of not enough). Harmony and self sufficiency is the natural geometry of humans. Our thought processes, rather than responding to our internal feelings, are activated by external stimuli which harnesses our focus as we take more than we need. This is to subconsciously respond to the increasing emptiness we feel within. The more we take the more we feel unfullfilled, as we are out of balance with our true nature. Love would lead to the equilibrium or zero point in that when we love we feel no fear and naturally share what we have with others. We do not even think to sell to family (extended), as it is not natural to separate from others when love or feeling is present we just give. I noticed that as a clown when I clown for free people see that I am seeking to generate happiness they naturally give to me without a thought.

Inner harmony is our true nature and when left to find its own level, naturally seeks out where desire is focussed. It is wave like flow of giving and taking but in harmony. In a simple life, without too many distractions, interests tend to move towards basic survival, community (belonging, bonds) and the unseen spiritual aspect of life (meaning). I would regard this as matter and anti-matter. A balance of the external material with the inner spiritual dimension. In spiritual traditions they speak of the mind, body and spirit in harmony. I sense the positive (matter) and negative (anti-matter) forces are in balance to create a holographic reality we call life. When we are in balance with nature there is enough for everyone and life will become a veritable Eden, it is not an ideal it is the possibility when we learn to live as one.

What I am learning from my own experience is to reconnect to what is natural within myself. I observe where I naturally focus when I don’t have work or other responsibilities to distract me. I have chosen not to work (unless in harmony with society) and now income is what comes to me (where need equals want). I am curious to notice what naturally arises within me without external prompting or fear. The words ‘to thine own self be true’ comes to me now. That means to live authentically as who you really are, without any pretence or pretending to be something you are not. To drop the need for acceptance, approval or to be loved but simply be yourself. In the workplace we are seen as our role and many see work as distinctly work and home as home (be myself). People separate their sense of loving community with the community of strangers or acquaintences at work. We don’t see work as community, as money transactions are involved, we are not there choosing to be with one another or encouraged to connect as a family. We hear the words ‘professional’ or ‘role’ as codes that you are paid to perform, not be who you are, as you are doing it for another not yourself. It is very easy to create a false self in every experience of life, moving from one workplace to the next and to cultivate an external identity which after a while feels real. Yet it has no connection to who you really are beyond the role you play. That identity can only be discovered when you seek to remove the masks of identity imposed from outside of you to find out who you used to be when you felt yourself to be true. Sometimes returning to childhood or visiting family can give you glimpses into the person you lost a long time ago. In other situations you have changed and others are holding you to the mask of what was. Essentially it is to return to those experiences even in your mind which gave you a sense of who you are.

What I discovered was to remove myself from the conditioned role plays and go it alone for a while. I no longer exposed myself to the narratives that moved me away from myself. I found myself turning inward and quite naturally exploring the spiritual dimension in life, which for me was really the feminine within. That is the aspect of myself that was more loving, caring, empathetic and serving of society. In the workplace I took on a more masculine behaviour of competition, ambition and career. As I moved naturally to the feminine I found more happiness arising the more I turned to the real world within and away from the masks of the external world which kept reinforcing the same mantras of the external reality (tv shows, latest fashion, news, tasks etc.). I turned increasingly to walking in the bush for harmony, reading uplifting philosophical works for harmony, walking alone in crowds with peace and learning to go with the flow of life. Overtime I slowly disgarded fears which only served to pull me into the mainstream culture of ‘have to’, ‘survival’ and ‘no choice’.

So I am starting to discover inner harmony and it is appearing as an acceptance of life as it is. To tune into a greater pattern that is responding to our thoughts, behaviours and impacts. My sense is that this greater pattern will bring us back into harmony through earth changes. As the planet’s basic geometry is harmony and/or homeostasis. It is a living entity aware of the surface extractions and negative activities that are slowly undermining natural life support systems for all beings and life on the planet. Natural selection is another way of seeing that life has an intelligence that codes for change, those species that do not activate the DNA will not survive. Those that can adapt to the harmony of nature will survive as they are in harmony with the whole.

In human societies our cosmology and spirituality is the unseen which pulses and evokes us to find harmony within. It is like a gravitational pull that you can feel but not see. It is a force of nature. Living in harmony will naturally evoke feelings of love for each other, we will help the other as ourselves, we will not engage in activities that harm the planet and we will seek a higher path that honours all life. This would be what natural harmony with the planet looks and feels like.

In the current times we are in we have no idea about this deeper harmony. Many are addicted to films, tv, games, sex, drugs and jobs to have any moment to actually consider how they live and how it creates imbalance in the greater system on which all depend for life. Thus the greed inherent in the system which is what propels us to profit maximise, to take more than we need, to disregard others as ‘losers’ is not in harmomy with the state of nature which is naturally equal yet different, naturally flowing not blocking of life and works always towards harmony to maximise life for all living beings. Until we learn how to design our societies where all are viewed as equal, where gentleness and sensitivity (the feminine) is rebalanced with the masculine, where we only take what we need and our thoughts are focussed on the whole rather than the self, we will indeed continue on the downward spiral. Another way of putting it is to implement socially, culturally and politically the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as a global template for building harmony. Moreover, through UNESCO and other global education networks to educate for harmony in schools and workplaces (fun places). To start to shift the paradigm from a self interested approach of separate nation states to one of building unity in diversity as core principles of renewable trading and global civilisation. The business fraternity would change if it starts to promote working on purpose, finding what excites you in work. Richard Branson is speaking more about corporate social responsibility, stewardship of the planet and socially oriented business that serves people. He himself personally is a humble man who is thinking of others ahead of himself. He sees life with curiosity and creates what he’d like to experience. This is a love based mentality of business. Thinking and feeling more holistically. Now of course for many this will present a problem given the structures of modern life. However, it is not to worry about moving the whole system it is to change yourself and the world changes. It is to trust the life pattern to recalibrate life, as you are in truth, not in control. You simply start to live in harmony and flow with life which is joyful not stressful. The natural system will move us there naturally, as the current system is not sustainable or as previously stated, not in harmony.

I will take on Gandhi’s vision and ‘be the change I wish to see’, I will work on harmony in my internal life and project it externally (all life is projection). I will watch my thoughts, emotions and actions to see how my energy is responding to my thoughts and beliefs about where I am and who I am. If I feel negativity I will correct that and know that all is transitional and I am believing a past thought that is no longer true. If I sense fears coming up I will face them bravely and trust that at this moment it is not happening, or if it is let’s say, then I will see it as an adventure, let’s see what happens next. Life is harmony and if I tune into that it will lead me back to balance. So I am working on my own recalibration to a new trajectory (ancient in fact) whereby I live as nature.

I would encourage you to go to if you want to learn more about inner inquiry which is a great method to question negative thinking.

Perhaps give this some thought and if you feel resonance (harmony) with it then it is for you. Indeed go into your feeling and sense your true nature. It is the EQ (emotional quotient) that leads you to your higher purpose and reason for being. For me, the best way I have developed that inner-sense (innocence) is through poetry and clowning. In truth, poetry is really singing a song in written form, you can sing or play music. The clowning was about opening the heart to all, to sense the oneness in each other and to see myself in them. We join through laughter and good humour, there is no time to think just be with people. In our culture we think too much and box each other on a range of parameters rather than just experiencing the beautiful diversity that is meant to be, they are not suposed to think like me or conform to my worldview, they are perfect as they are and as a clown I celebrate each smile as where we can all meet. There is no-one I recoil from or judge, if they are negative I smile and move on. This is the experience of harmony. There is no conflict as I am not negative. Other ways to connect with harmony are regular walks in nature, meditation (stillness) or yoga (mind, body, spirit) to rebalance energy and unblock negative energy (often held in muscles through stress), all this will help to recalibrate your life force to the new earth song on ley lines of a new inquiry which is designed to set you free to sing in harmony with the truth of your being. We are one. Harmony is the unity in diversity.

Indeed our planet is changing, the only question is are you changing with it? Fear not change, embrace it with joy and peace and you will find a smooth ride ahead of time.

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Mohandas Gandhi

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”