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Ghost Nets: Potential Catastrophic Environmental Disaster

When you read an article such as this you can imagine the separation mentality of the fishermen who only see their self interest. There would be no thought for marine life, corals or the environment. I wonder how many people actually imagine what it must be like for a fish to die or another to… Continue reading

Refugees: Do We Help Or Ignore Our Humanity?

My question is – did authorities know the boat was in distress days before?  If so, why didn’t they respond.  Perhaps the debate should investigate authorities attitudes and if found that distress calls were ignored as a way to punish boat people through death, then I would assert criminality is at play. … Continue reading

The Refuge of Democracy Is The Australian Solution


This poem below is reposted given the Australian Federal Government debate on refugees and the recent deaths of 90 refugees where help didn’t come in time. I heard on the news the distress signals were received before the accident. It seems to have weighed heavily on the conscience of some politicians. I wondered… Continue reading

Refuge Reveals the Window Through Which We See Our Own Humanity


Refuge is the Window


Home is where the heart is,

But what if you don’t have a home?

What if a new home doesn’t have a heart?

Where can you go?

When you are a stranger,

When life is danger,

Where your humanity is overlooked,

When sanity is thrown overboard,

When empathy is… Continue reading

Australia: Legislation Seeking Asylum in Aladdin’s Lamp of Responsibilty

I quickly turned on the t.v. to find Federal Parliament debating about asylum seekers. It was the first time I saw compassion in rhetoric as for some the realisation is dawning of the human tragedy of asylum seekers who lose their lives in pursuit of safety and freedom.

I see the issue here regarding all… Continue reading

Natural Ecosystems Still Exist Alongside Ancient Villages

I remember when I flew into Russia to clown with Patch Adams. I was struck looking out the window from the plane the lush forests that literally divided East from West. Even when I flew from the UK to Europe I was again struck by how every square inch is cultivated. Of course I’ve seen… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”