Alternative Agriculture: Radio Wave Treated Water A Miracle?

Vi-Aqua hmmm very close to Viagra, you have to wonder if the Irish are joking.  Anyway, in time more information should come out to determine if this is true.  Food for thought nonetheless.   We certainly need more natural technologies but hopefully it doesn’t interfere with nature.  I was curious… Continue reading

Alternative Technologies: Order from Chaos?

It is great to learn from alternative ways of thinking. Our solutions await our discoveries.

Enjoy diversity.

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Bridging the gap from Raw Materials to Recycled Materials

The article below is about building bridges out of rubbish.

I recall when I first travelled to North America I remember thinking they would be very advanced and environmentally friendly.  What I discovered was that there was more waste and fast food.  I recall having a coffee and having milk satchel’s and sugar… Continue reading

Melting Ice Caps: Real Solutions or Just Hot Air?

My feeling reading this article was technology won’t fix the overall problem. My inner feeling is that we human beings have to learn how to work together. I extracted the quote below as it seems the central issue. The suppression and denial of facing issues that affect humanity, seems to me the core issue. I… Continue reading

Nuclear: BBC – Health Effects Of Radiation Exposure

Here is the article from the BBC.


Q&A: Health effects of radiation exposure

By Richard Warry BBC News

Prof Malcolm Sperrin, a medical physicist, on the Japan quake health risks

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Concern remains over the potential effect on human health from radiation leaks… Continue reading

Technology: Is Wisdom Counterintuitive in the Face of Entrenched Cultures?

What prompted this blog was the thought of technology without responsibility or ethical considerations and how it can lead to ecological and societal demise. The resurgence of wisdom as equally valid to fact, is an essential change agent. In truth, wisdom is holistic as contrasted with technological knowledge motivated by economic self gain. This could… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”