George Soros Asserts Facebook Smear Campaign


Conflict Resolution Network:

My poem ‘Respect’:https://wpas.worldpeacefull.com/2016/11/only-respect-is-real/

Hate crimes:

And one more for the road: I just saw this and posted on Facebook. It reiterates the same issues I posted on Facebook after this blog was posted.  I wrote it on

The key reflections for both parties in this dispute are… Continue reading

Palestinian/Israeli Journal of Peace Poetry Expresses Feelings to Evoke Dialogue

Inspired by love.  Feeling is remote sensing.  This is the curriculum of life.


Vol. 7 Nos 1&2, 2000 / The Search for Regional Cooperation

The Dialogue of Poetry: Palestinian and Israeli Poets Writing Through Conflict and Peace
The importance of communication through poetry to the Israeli and Palestinian peoples.… Continue reading

Can We Trust Feelings and Intuition?

This is another master teacher.  Eckhart Tolle speaks about intuition.

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”