Only Respect is REAL – Respect Respect Respond

Many speak of respect, but what does it mean? Is it cultural, personal or universal?


Only Respect is REAL




Is a small word,

Yet it has profound impact,

it is a simple acknowledgement of another,

it is a simple noticing that there are other needs,

beyond one self.




Is to introspect,

It is to know thyself and be true,

It is to value others,

As yourself,

It is to see everyone as family,

For we all belong,

Regardless of discrimination,

We are the one song,

Regardless of different I tunes,

For when we learn this one word,

The whole world changes.




Is not lip service,

It is not a mission statement,

It is not a values set,

It is to reset self interest to shared interest,

It can bring us back from the brink of war,

It can be the one word that changes a person’s life,

It can model self-respect,

It can catalyse a willingness to sit at the one table … together,

A round table of equals,

A round table of balanced gender,

It has no agenda,

For respect is open to listen,

It is not waiting to speak,

And listening is not appeasement,

It is not to be seen to be


It is truly listening to hear the grievance of another,

For this is not complaints handling,

It is empathy …




Is the next word,

That not only hears your stories but stands in your shoes,

This is moving us to oneness,

As we are each other,

And what you to do another you do to yourself,





Moves up the spiral staircase,

To a new vista,

Where infinite possibilities are not marketing statements,

But truly open to different ways,

To new ways,

To have a say,

In an agora of expanded possibilities,

For when we move from rigidity,

From always knowing best,

We move through the test of humility,

To realise diversity,

Is a real strength.




Is the most important word,

That has the birth of civilisation inherent,

It is the most profound meaning of life,

It is to look into another’s eyes and fall in love,

With life,

For there is no separation when love is the purpose and the journey,

For why would you do anything you don’t love,

Unless fear is your bedfellow,

Many listen to this voice and call it responsible,

When in truth it is detachment from reality,

For only love is real.


Respect is to esteem others


It is self esteem,

It is REAL when it is of value,

Yet so many do not respect themselves,

So how can they respect another?

It is not about earning respect by doing what another wants,

It is not about saying what another wants to hear,

It is not in putting down the other as you disagree,

It is about recognising the equal value of another despite differences,

The same as you expect to be valued yourself,

For how you expect to be treated,

Is the levy from which you will treat another,

For this levy is not a bank account of higher status,

It is the channel for honour,

That flows it does not force,

As you stand upright at the welcome parade,

Not as the winning party receiving medals,

But having a party to celebrate overcoming troubles,

With truth,

For this is the how REAL HOPE defines respect,

As only respect is REAL,

And this is the sacred seal

Of our humanity.

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”