Oxford Blavatnik School of Governance Leaders of Tomorrow?

What is leadership?  What works?  Can anyone be a leader or do they have to be trained and groomed to gain access to leadership positions?  One leader told me management/leadership was about genetics (to my surprise). Do we want leaders sourced from the same universities or do we recruit on merit and… Continue reading

Rights and Responsibilities of Athena

Rights and responsibilities always are companions.  The image of Athena I saw in Athens. Fascinating.


The goddess of wisdom, strategy, warfare, skill, justice, and crafts. 

Athena is the daughter of Zeus and Metis.
Zeus had fallen in love with Metis and chased her for days, then cornered her near a cliff… Continue reading

Is it Just for Assange to be Detained for 7 Years Without Charge?

How is it possible in a Western democracy for an Australian (or any nationality) to be detained for 7 years without charge?  How is a charge for jumping bail relevant if he is innocent?  Given Britain and US are allies can this affect judicial outcomes given perceived threats?

I often wonder how he… Continue reading

How Important is Social Intelligence to Growth?

I ask the question – How important is Social Intelligence to Growth?  

The growth I refer to is emotional growth as maturity which is far more important that economic growth. This is the science of emotional intelligence where as we think and feel we actually re-wire the brain.  This type of intelligence expands… Continue reading

Harmonising the Music of the Spheres

This is for all leaders who believe leadership is control.  In truth it is mastering harmony.




The music of the spheres,

Is an unbroken rhythm,

That is wordless in space and time,

Yet in harmony and balance,

As the sum of the parts is equal to… Continue reading

Seeking Asylum is the Tenor of Troubled Minds in These Times

I dream of a compassionate community that sees self interest as best interest.  The real insanity is not understanding this as always someone knows better than the group.  As a market analyst I learned that there was always common sense in the group.  The real insanity in my view is disconnecting from… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”