ABC Australia D-Day on Press Freedom in the Public Interest

The core question:  is Australia democratic now?

I wish to start this with Edward Snowden in his interview with Guardian. Selected para phrases as follows:

What made him leave everything behind and become a whistle blower… He believed the outcome of his disclosures nothing would change, he knows the lengths the government will go… Continue reading

The Havoc of Mass Extinction or Computer Y2K Bugs?

I just felt to look up mass extinction.  I then thought of Y2K the computer bug that was feared to create havoc in 2000.

I see the choice between the incessant new market pathology of information technology versus turning the computers off and actually going outside to check the weather.  Then getting active… Continue reading

Peter Gabriel’s Secret World

Can we make visible our Secret World to give the World permission to reveal its secrets. This is the healing of humanity.  I am envisaging openness, visibility and the courage to face what pains us and heal the hurts from the past.  Can we transcend and envisage a better future world where we… Continue reading

Us, Them and Transcending Belief into Magic

Peter Gabriel speaks about US in terms of relationship and division.  It is about going inside to look within at what went wrong.  Going through the darkside is essential for peace as until it is faced, felt only then it realises. Otherwise we remain in denial.

The shadow can be individual or collective.… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“Each one has to find his peace from within. And peace to be real must be unaffected by outside circumstances.”