Disturbing the Peace for Prosperity or Democracy? What is true?

Disturbing the Peace for Prosperity or Democracy?


This is a poem for the masters,

Of manipulation,

Pulling the levers of emotion,

For outcomes,

For incomes,

Who use division,

Who use hate,

To divide and conquer.


A revelation comes to me on waking,

For I am waking up to the manipulation

of the people,

Around false flags,

And brand images,

That hold no allegiance to truth,

In either camp.


For when we interfere in other’s lives,

Wisdom asks:  whose story are you in?

What is the tag line you have inventing?

For information flows are not freedom of speech,

They are massaging content to list to be right,

As the war of power and control is waged deceptively,

To bring down a man and his office,

For he does not tow the line,

Divisive issues are not resolved only used to divide

by king makers,

And this is war not peace,

It is the smoky mirror that masks the death of democracy,

As the destructive mind-set brings down its own mirror image of its own making,

And calls it the ‘enemy’,

For the enemy was always within.


Interference in sovereignty is being played out on the TV screen,

For the kingmakers changed the deck chairs not to Advance Australia fair,

But to position their players to be right and leave what is left,

For they are here to win the game not share a level playing field,

Ironically ‘they just do it’ without any backward glance of the lives they destroy,

As the world is a sweat shop,

Nationalism is a brand image,

And truth stands silently as a statue of liberty,

Beckoning all to come home,

In peace.


This is indeed The End game,

We are at the last minute to midnight,

As old paradigms have played for a hundred years,

The game was always rigged,

Against the people,

For they were used as pawns to overthrow regimes,

On the global chessboard,

As he digs the black holes,

His gloves are evidence,

Discrimination is the Ace of Spades pulled out of the deck,

The strategist will run out of moves,

As the titanic denial is sinking,

The captains of industry will never see the statue of liberty in New York harbour,

As they are blinded by greed,

As the ice is melting… rapidly,

And politics was always the distractor from the main game.


I sit in stillness and I see you my dear friend,

You know not what you do,

Yet dismantling the structure of power is the Joker,

This is the wild card you cannot see in your pack,

For you are teaching me of false flags,

How to pull them down,

When you pulled down every other flag when they did not agree,

You called this advancing prosperity not democracy,

For the trickster can never the truth, whole truth and nothing but the truth,

When his life is a lie.


I see an invisible hand in the game of life,

It is not about market mechanisms,

It holds a candle of light in the darkness of confusion,

Resurrecting the flag of real freedom,

Holding the three fold flame to enlighten another way,

Wisdom need not gather information to use against,

But knowledge to advance evolution,

To no-it-u-love is the text in my message,

Twittering that nature yields peace and freedom,

To face all books to know the real face and hands,

Is the authentic knowledge of humility,

It is not a trial or deposition to make wrong,

It is to speak the truth without agenda,

Beyond gender or colour,

For all are ONE in this shifting mosaic,

And the big picture is not about power politics,

It is about learning who you are,

So can you look in the mirror or the face book and see yourself?

Who are you?

Who have you become?

If you were to meet yourself as an enemy what would you feel?

For to discover the sacred seal as the real seat of power,

Is not found in royal insignias stamped in wax,

Or wax figures in Madame Tussauds,

It is wax lyrical singing to another anthem,

A blueprint that is not set in stone,

That is not manifested by iPhones,

It is to be alone and be still,

To know I AM,


For one day this will become your mantra as you realise,

Your life in disguise was incognito,

It was not WHO YOU ARE but what you do,

And this is how you will learn to make a real difference in the world,

For peace sake.


I love you without conditions,

As this does not depend on you buying my line

or towing the line,

for there is no left or right,

Life is both the sublime and the ridiculous,

The question this time is –

Do you get the Joke-r?

Mohandas Gandhi

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.”