What is the Reality of Truth?

I just felt to write this now. I just made it up. I am up for being re-made.




What is truth,

But a perspective,

An elective,

A vote for one or another,

A choice,

A voice,

That resonates and reverberates,

As true.


What if truth does not exist?

What if life is not right or wrong?

What if it is in-comes and out-comes?

From a cone of silence,

What if we are making this all up?

Where do you stand?

In no mans land?

Or at lands end?

For at the end there is a new beginning.


So should I fight for my truth?

If it has no roof?

Or should I offer a humble perspective?

For I cannot know what is true for you,

I can only know what works for me,

And our journeys may cross or circle,

Yay naughts and crosses,

Life and death,

Where there are no winners or losers in the end,

Just a door opening,

A portal closing,

For existence is eternal,

Yet not as you

or me.


So perhaps this takes the wind out of my sails,

Perhaps this leaves me out at sea,

Do I take a position, a coordinate, a marker that bouys,

Or do I just float,

Allow the current of love to carry me,

For what if I am no-one?

What if meaning is nothing?

What if nothing has meaning?

Is this the zero point?

The centre in the circle?

From which holograms eminate,

I ruminate in this moment without attachment …


To concepts,

To righteousness,

To truth,

To love …


Perhaps this is the ocean of allowance,

That has no destination only a journey,

As freedom is in nothingness,

Stillness is in no thought,

Nothing matters,

When reality is unveiled,

As truth.



Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”