Recycling Happiness and Gratitude


An angel touched,
A message sent,
As heaven is knocking on your door,
For many are crying ‘what for?’
The ouroboros recycles souls,
As each plays out their role,
Landlocked in limited consciousness,
On islands of automation,
Playing a part but unaware of the whole.
The human story is about joyful glory,
For as I wash your feet,
I am on my knees,
Not to please but in service,
For we are each others keepers,
And sleepers will awaken,
To the reality that there is no servitude but gratitude,
An abundant universe overflowing with gifts,
To uplift human kind,
Indeed a kind human,
Remembering only love is real,
As this is the sacred seal of a joke not a yoke,
Rolling around in paroxysms of laughter,
To real eyes we are all on a ship of fools,
Carrying us home in the alms
of happiness.
Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”