UFO Disclosure Has Profound Implications for World Peace

There is substantial information on the internet about this subject through independent footage, interviews, discussions and disclosures from military, intelligence, government and civilian witnesses who have observed or had direct experience with this phenomenon.

It is a subject that has been shrouded in secrecy and suppressed in the public sphere by government spin, fearful societal attitudes given traditional attitudes and negative movies on the subject. Moreover, many of the eye witness accounts have been officially discounted as weather balloons or other phenomena or the witnesses discredited, laughed at and isolated. The fear and government secrecy around the subject has prevented many people from speaking up about their experience for fear of social isolation or reprisals.

I have met quite a few people on my travels who have told me they have seen UFOs. I have been really surprised at how open people have been to me. I’ve heard many stories over my life about UFO’s. Here in Australia we have lots of stories of UFO’s sighted on the Nullabor Plain (long strait stretch of road in the desert). Moreover, there is a town in the Northern Territory called Wycliffe Wells which is called the UFO capital. They have papered their walls in press articles and disclosures about UFO’s in the area. Like most people I am curious about the truth and keep an open mind. I don’t feel fear about it, I think it is a very interesting subject and as a person interested in peace, I concur it is relevant to world peace. I have the feeling that the truth must come out now.

This video is the 2001 Press Conference featuring Dr. Steven Greer is known for undertaking extensive research through interviews with those who have experienced UFO’s. He speaks of disclosure of the truth of UFO’s which he asserts has been denied for 50 years. He introduces credible military witnesses who disclose their personal experiences of UFO’s and give a personal undertaking to swear before Congress that they are speaking the truth. Dr. Greer asserts he has 350 additional military and intelligence witnesses. In total he indicates he has identified over 400 witnesses within intelligence, military, corporate, contractors to the government. He indicates that the military disclosures at this press conference will prove the reality of UFO’s.

He is considered by a world expert and has been invited to brief James Woolsey the former head of the CIA, the head of Defence Intelligence Agency, Intelligence Joint Staff, Members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, members of the Congress, the European leadership and the Japanese cabinet amongst many others.

The purpose of the press conference is to ask for an official inquiry and disclosure on this subject. He believes it has profound implications for the human future, US national security and world peace. He speaks of UFO technologies, if declassified, could be used for peaceful energy generation, propulsion and would solve the energy crisis, end global warming, correct environmental challenges that the earth is facing.

He says it is critical that we debate as a society the propriety of placing weapons in space. He asserts it can be proved we are not alone and that space is shared with other civilisations. He says it is not debated because it is off the radar, he believes it has to be placed on the agenda.

Democracy requires that there are open and honest discussions on this subject. It is a truism, the truth will set you free.

You decide what is true for you.  Refer http://www.citizenhearing.org/

This is the 2016 Conference.


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