Nikola Tesla Invented Free Energy for the Upliftment of Humanity

For the last week I’ve been feeling to re-watch the Nikola Tesla film depicting his life. What astounded me by watching this film was such a brilliant inventor equivalent to Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton and Thomas Edison died in obscurity and is not known by the world. What I found fascinating was the ego in Edison who saw the genius of Tesla but as he was the inventor of direct current electricity felt his fame was being eroded by Tesla’s invention of alternative current. So rather than work together for the betterment of humanity Edison and Tesla parted the ways and George Westinghouse filled the void by funding Tesla. Edison became his nemesis attempting to undermine the credibility of alternative current (AC) creating opposition.

Tesla has affected all our lives as he invented electricity which we all turn on every day of our lives. He has literally changed the world. His genius was described as sudden flashes and pictures in great detail. It appears that he may have been a channel from a higher intelligence in my opinion. Moreover, it was stated in the film that he had super perception and could readily hear a door slam 3 apartments away or a fly hit the desk. For him the sounds were loud and he was super perceptive. He had ringing sounds in his ears and he was super clean and was reported as not wanting to shake hands. Another part of the special features of the film explained this as related to the electromagnetic field around people. It was stated he was able to see the future, for example he warned a friend not to go on a train, to discover later, the train had crashed. Of course this rattled the rational business backers but nonetheless accepted this was his experience. He was described by some as a poet and a mystic.

Another fascinating disclosure was that Tesla had sent signals into space and had reported that he has received signals. I will post information from his journals in the next blog.

For me the most significant point of the film was that when Tesla was working for J P Morgan the industrialist, Tesla invented free energy for the world. Telsa was very aware of the importance of inventing technologies in harmony with nature not to pollute the planet or undermine life support systems. J P Morgan had no idea about the technical nature of Tesla’s inventions oscillating between regarding him as a nut or a genius, however he could see as a businessman that if he was a genius and invented free energy there would be no way to meter the electricity. What Tesla was proposing was to tap into the free energy circulating the globe in the ionosphere. This meant it could be tapped into and received by aerials on cars, trains, planes, ships, factories in fact anyone could tap into this endless supply of clean energy. It would completely change the way we all live today and it was indeed a moment of truth. As Al Gore said in his film an Inconvenient Truth with gold bars on one side and the entire planet on the other?’ In this case greed won the day, the gold bar was chosen.

When you learn that around the 1930s/40’s this energy was available but was not implemented it makes you think. Clearly greed was the motive by which J P Morgan chose to sack Tesla and his invention never saw the light of day. Apparently he spent his remaining time alone on the 33rd floor of a building in New York with no friends, acknowledgement, in effect a broken man. He still waited for Morgan’s call but it never came. This man is considered as great as Einstein yet his legend is known only by a few who care to find out. I find this extraordinary yet at the same time if I put myself in the mindset of men who prize money, it is what it is. Yet imagine if J P Morgan was a humanitarian what would have happened and where we would be today, in a completely different world. I then dare to venture into the thoughts of all the other people who had revolutionary ideas who were either isolated, shunned, patents bought up and shelved or never heard of again. Such is the nature of a system built upon greed, that is the great cost I feel all of us have paid. I see clearly until we learn new ways of being and valuing life higher than money we will continue on a trajectory that does not lead us to happiness. I wonder at new education teaching children to use their imagination, to value others, to work in harmony with the classmates to see ‘cool’ in kindness and loving each other. Imagine if that was the culture in homes, communities and the world. Then perhaps Tesla may feel at home and rest in peace. That world in my view is coming.

So here is the film depicting the great inventor Nikola Tesla.

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