Breaching Privacy for FEAR or Truth?


Breaching Privacy for FEAR of Truth?


Who are you?

Who have you become?

You are the silent one,

I hear,

You are smoke and mirrors,

I see,

You are the one following me,

I think therefore I am,

I feel therefore I am not,

For what we think is never true,

It is an abstraction from reality,

Only truth sets us all free,

To live in a world without boundary,

Do you see?

What do you feel?

Is it better to be right or happy?

One loses the plot,

The other wins so all win.


We live in a fearful world of driftnets,

Cyber security seeking threats,

What of real security beyond fear?

Can you feel secure without technology?

Can you secure technology?

If you are not,

What if you breach your own privacy?

By looking through the glass,

Is it a cup half empty or half full?

What is it you want to see in reflection?

For on reflection,

I see



To be exposed,

Is to be naked before truth,

Many stand in the dark shadows concealing their true identity,

For they have not looked into their own shadow projecting,

The shadow smears reality like a smoky glass rejecting clarity,

Projection sees what is not owned in the other,

As denial is not a river in Egypt,

It is the truth that sets YOU free,

To stand in integrity,

Before commissions of the future,

To not see life as a trial but a test,

To know thyself and be true,

For this is the only investigation worthy of time.


One cannot fake happiness,

One cannot pretend success,

Real completion comes from humility,

For when you don’t know you do not know ignorance is unconscious,

When you know you do not know wisdom beggars belief,

To see innocence in the other is to forgive yourself,

And when you do,

You will turn off the technology,

You will come out of the shadows and into the light,

As if emerging from the dark night of the soul,

To be seen to be,


For this is what heals,

You look deeply into your own eyes with charity,

For this is the sacred seal of authenticity calling you from the silent space,

That allows the mirror reflection to be clear and visible,

Oneself to be seen with blemishes and imperfections,

Only the truth sets you free to see what you truly seek,

For as night follows day,

You cannot bear false witness,

For the trial is for truth not winning at any cost,

It is a test of your mettle,

An honest life is the highest real wealth
not the pots of gold in the end,

For the fool’s gold at the end of the rainbow is waiting for your answer,

As protection rackets and set-ups are an old game fading,

For many are cleaning up the Yard with new brooms.


The greatest protection is transparency,

The greatest safety is self respect in-kind-ness,

Truth restores dignity as fairness,

And there is nothing to fear but fear of oneself,

FEAR is False Evidence Appearing Real,

Can you be real about false evidence?


Only the truth sets you free,

To be,

Your authentic self,

That is my highest wish for you.

As love will always be my answer,

No matter the question,

For it is a question of truth,

Which silently waits at the heart of the matter.

Mohandas Gandhi

“My life is my message.”