Eckhart Tolle Speaks of the Journey of Awakening

A teacher who suffered to wake up to his essential oneness which he calls presence. This is the real self. It is the true purpose of every human. Including those who see themselves outside of this awareness.  In truth they are consciousness itself looking.

My blog moves through the human existence as I feel inspired. However, beneath my words I know this is illusion. It is not hard to see this when you realise we are here temporarily, our bodies go back to dust but our energy transfers, this is the spiritual dimension.  This dimension of consciousness is who we really are when we are conscious.  The purpose of awakening is to realise who or what we are in reality.  When you start on this journey to awakening a great peace descends on you. You realise that none of it is real, it just appears that way.  There is a purpose in living in the illusion as consciousness (god) experiences itself through all life forms.  So there is a reason for the illusion, the problem has been that we believed it as true to the point of creating greater fears on the planet that have positioned us in a place where we have the capability of destroying this Garden of Eden.  Our purpose was to learn to expand ourselves and deepen the experience of unconditional love of ourselves and others.  However, this is a free will experience and we can choose the happy/sad journey. It is always up to us. Yet the us as is explained is not real it is just the vehicle consciousness uses to experience itself experientially.  

I did not consciously intend this joureny, at some level of my beingness I did but in respect of being a person living and experiencing life I went out to seek this awareness.  What did happen is that I dreamed in 1998 I was teaching peace.  I googled searched ‘peace’ and found Helen Caldicott this took me on a journey to Matchem on the central coast of Australia. I drove 2,000km on a feeling.  I was on credit at the time, not much money.  I had no idea how connected Helen was, I knew a little about her work in anti-nuclear but that was about it. I was following a feeling.  She was high profiled and allowed me to visit. We had coffee and she explained her vision of the world. She encouraged me to study peace studies at La Trobe university which I did.  She influenced my life direction.  I had no idea she would be under surveillance, that she was threatening to those in the industrial-military complex at that time or that she had visited Reagan.  She did make me read a few of her books as she opened my world to weaponisation and the scientific fantasy of creation. She told me about right wing think tanks which I had no idea about as a lay person.  I saw the politicisation of militarism and it amazed me (and still does) that people kill each other and they make so much money out of it (1 trillion per year).  Profit from fear wow.  I felt inspired to be a clown as I love people and quite the opposite to the military I actually value every person and wouldn’t even step on an ant (still the same).  I really love all life and I so see the beauty in people. To have hugged thousands by now has only deepened my realisation that we are all ONE.  When I clowned I didn’t think I was just being love. It was the most liberating experience of my life. Many fight for freedom but I loved for it and found it.  I saw how lovely people really are when they feel comfortable to play or chat with you or just have a laugh. I really enjoyed making kids laugh and they made me laugh. I saw myself in them.  Clowns by nature are childlike. If they are not acting they find they just connect naturally to children and may prefer their company as kids have few boundaries. I find kids really funny and they are my teachers.  So this wonderful love inside me deepened and deepened the more I gave unselfishly. I wasn’t paid it was truly from the heart. I noted that society didn’t value play regarding it as frivolous. I can easily travel into the business mind as a former market analyst and see how they value through economics. Yet I knew these were all false valuations made up through supply and demand to maximise profit which disconnected us to what makes us happy. The story goes on.

I became conscious that people aren’t happy, they work hard, they are locked into lifestyles they feel trapped in and this brings down the society to one of tasks and routines. The beautiful sponteneity of happiness so evident in children had long disappeared in adults and I saw their sorrow.  I understood as I was unhappy working tasks and routines. I saw it as a deadend and my heart told me there was more to life. That there was more to all of us (including you reading this) I feel mindful of your presence observing my blogs, there is a group of you. I sense your reason for being here but there is no threat in truth it is an opportunity.  If you are seeking answers I can be a pointer but I am not an answer.  I am a question. Peace is not a threat it is WHO YOU ARE. Even if you come here as part of your job you are a presence are here too walking with me.  You are sending energy to this work which is a good thing wittingly or unwittingly. Nothing is what it seems, consciousness awakens me to say this to you.  You are me.  If that feels to far out there for you just move to the sub-atomic level of atoms swirling, think of the frequency that holds them in place holographically and creates a life form. When the life form (physical) is ready to disintegrate the atomic level doesn’t die it rearranges.  So eternal life is possible if life is not physical.  Eckhart will help explain this.

He awakened after deep sorrow and suicidal thoughts. He awakened to the birds singing. He sat on a park bench for two years in bliss. Amazing hey.  He doesn’t like talking but his work is to communicate consciousness and explain how it works as part of the arising of a new awareness of oneness.  He cannot be destroyed as he is not his body as he explains. So consciousness is emerging in humans with presence (awake to itself). That is truly what is happening.  It is an important shift as we are at a precipice and we need (have called it forth) to awaken to our destructiveness and patterns that continue to cause pain and misery.  We realise what we are doing by being who we are. We invest in power as if it is identity when it isn’t. We believe we have to survive. This is a hard one, one I also am contemplating. Can I live without money? Could I allow myself to just free fall and let life.  I have tried this on my world trip but to really let go is akin to the Fool literally stepping off the cliff in trust into thin air. It is something all of us would find terrifying given what we believe about life and death. Yet all adventurers do this, all explorers take the chance. Why because life begins at the end of your comfort zone. If we discover we go on and if life unfolds as it should then what is to fear? Even you reading this – Do you need the money? Do you need the work? Are you feeling really happy? Are you being (allowing) or doing (make happen) life? Do you want freedom (from fear) to do all that you love? These are the fundamental questions and barriers. The fear runs deep but the love is even deeper. We have only touched the surface of love.  It is another word for unity or as Byron Katie would say ‘joy’. Beautiful way of seeing as beauty is the real world (as I know). Imagine an evolved civilisation that no longer survives but thrives, that no longer competes but cooperates, that no longer has self interest but shared interest (extension of self), that no longer destroys but builds and realises they can creat more as infinite possibilities. Does that end one perceived existence and awaken another – yes, but only if you choose. What that means is the other existence may continue if you are believing in that existence but as you lift your frequency (positivity) you will literally see another world arise through the law of attraction. That is how it works, perhaps even a parallel universe based on what you believe, feel you attract.  You may want to consider the terrorism question? Even the earth changes etc.  The question is – do you really want to continue to recreate (belief) the old paradigm? Is it truly serving you and your family? Will it in the future given what you say you want?  We all know the answer to this – take a look at the world.  Something to consider.

Now to Eckhart Tolle who is living in an awakened consciousness. Decide for yourself.

You Are the Creator of Your Reality.

I send you love and peace. This blog is inspired for and by you. We are ONE. Understand?

Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”