Roundtable of Universal Love

I am reposting this poem tonight as the round table is a theme that is coming to me lately. I sense there was a Camelot and a king Arthur,I certainly know the metaphor is a real one as it comes up for me.  I have no other knowledge of this but inspiration brings this analogy to me. So I pay attention. There is indeed a higher knowledge that knows, we are always guessing as we do not see the big picture for the most part. So to trust there is intelligence that is higher enables us to let go of knowing and allow possibilities.

Finding Camelot in Realising The Roundtable of Universal Love

There is a round table,
That is not square,
For it circles the square,
It is a stone circle,
With no head,
Nor tail,
For it is not there by chance.

For in a circle one can romance the Philosopher’s Stone,
For all who sit around the table are equals,
All quarrelling has ceased,
Conflict resolution is the solution,
As one has seized the moment,
She looks at the world map,
From the table top of her mountain,
To find it is no longer divided,
For the cap stone has been put in the place,
Of real protection.

The warriors are women and men,
Their spirit commands not to fight another,
But to realise the enemy seen is within,
To understand the slaying of the dragons are discovered in …
guilt, jealousy, lust, greed, corruption, deceit and rage,
As these are the dark caves,
Blind caverns,
Where the light is in search of knights,
Shields are the rights of passage,
As mirrors into which the brave must look,
To see the world book is a legend,
At its core is metaphor,
For the real wars,
Are to honour thyself
and be true.

Excalibur is the sword of truth,
That only the legitimate and pure can wield,
For truth is the laser that pierces falsehood,
It is the whole truth and nothing but the truth,
As the lady in the lake symbolises emotions,
Truth is held in the reflection of emotions,
As life is reflective when sincere,
That returns arms for alms with tears,
Armour (protection) for armour (vulnerability),
Appears in the moment of forgiveness.

The Holy Grail,
Is the journey of life,
The realisation of the Self,
To drink from the fountain of youth,
An elixir of endless life,
As the chalice is an eternal container of light,
For those who seek in earnest the kite,
Will lead without being lead,
Flying high above illusions and tests,
For they are deemed genuine in their quest,
For the rest of their lives they live in the Kingdom,
To find they never left home,
For home was always where the heart is,
And this is the rock upon which Excalibur is drawn,
In the heat of all inner battles.

The pure King,
Is honour,
The brave knight,
Is fearlessness,
The metaphoric sword,
Is truth,
Opening the heart,
Is love,
The magic is supernatural powers,
Life is in the hands of the gods,
For the gods must be crazy,
To create both evil and good,
Yet that is the cosmic drama,
That plays out over centuries,
For many have forgotten the plot at Camelot,
As weapons of mass destruction,
Became the distraction from peace-making,
Which was always the highest chivalry,
As this was the just war referred to in theory,
And mercy was granted in every request,
And allegiances sworn,
On all sides of truth with justice.

The quest of the court jester,
Was to remind of the King he had no clothes,
For he is naked before truth,
He is homeless without a roof,
For the roof of ancient forests provides cover,
In climates of change,
For it is only the truth that sets all free,
To see the golden age of peace and prosperity,
And this is the sanity that is renewable,
As the draw bridge comes down,
The moat is no longer remote viewing,
As all the walls on the street tumble down,
Out of the rubble the phoenix rises,
Realising the resilience of humility,
As the meek inherit the earth,
And this is the dirt made of gold.

All are welcome at the renewable round table,
Of a world union,
The armour of universal citizenship,
Re-members the Charter of Universal love,
For this is the dove that is waiting to land,
When all understand the holy grail is realised,
As the Noble Peace Prize,
Carved from the rock of new ages.

Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”