Freedom of Speech, Enlightened Universities and the Holy Grail

It is really interesting what prompted my publishing of these last few poems was because I have written about King Arthur recently and it is top of mind for me.  Then as I was sitting in front of the computer the song ‘Holy Grail’ came on.  Last time I had inspiration around this subject the same thing happened.  I can’t ignore it as my clown character is a Fool and I am writing about it. So my sense is to pay attention.  Below the song is my writing on enlightenment and freedom of speech.

Interesting imagery of doves, symbols, Michelangelo etc. The message is very powerful. I get the feeling that nothing is out of place. It so surprises me when inspiration moves me. Of course it is not only me, but you and everyone. The question is can we listen to the silence to hear real messages or signs. I think of Al Gore here.


I have felt inspired to publish this poem. Again the King Arthur theme came to me when writing. I see the importance of round tables of equality.  I do not feel we can move forward without a real understand and respect for diversity as equality in all its forms. We are still primitive in the way we treat each other. The highest knowledge is love in truth.  Until we integrate wisdom with intellectual knowledge we simply are pattern makers of a paradigm that no longer works. The planet cannot sustain our folly and the next generation cannot afford for us to continue like this. They will bare the brunt of collapsing life support systems, inhumanity and disconnection and a sense of hardship as wealth diminishes. To prepare for change we must become enlightened enough to see that we fuse the intellectual with the arts or humanities. Technology cannot save us, it is loving kindness that inspires change and improvement that is where the real change will emerge.  We still have a long way to go but perhaps we can plant seeds so in the future something germinates for the children. 


This is a communiqué to those who prize freedom of speech.  Inherent within it is a cry for help and a search for the belief in something higher at universities.

I reflected on if a tree falls in the forest and no-one hears it, did it really happen?  Perhaps the same can said for when a person speaks the truth and no-one is really listening, is it the truth?

I understand why I spoke at length for many years seeking to be heard.  I revealed my truth so that others would understand. I did this with the mistaken belief that the others were just confused, today I see that indifference was the reality I had faced.

What is this state of indifference that so permeates a troubled world crying out to be heard?  It can only come from a hardened resolve that has itself being through many battles, no longer able to feel.  This insensitivity or paralysis is the burying of truth repeatedly until it is no longer recognisable. We cover it with structures, policies, procedures, silence so that ‘the way we do things around here’ replaces ‘who am I’. Compassionate response with the interest of the other that drives the desire for dialogue becomes ‘this is not in my interests and your suffering is your own problem’, ‘I am not paid to care.’ So the other walks away having learned that people really don’t care about fairness they simply operate in a routine that only considers corporate or self-interest.  What type of world is this?  What do we tell children that this is what they will inherent when it is their turn to turn off their humanity.

The university promotes itself as a place of higher learning.   Marketing will shout out ‘we are open, we are friendly, we are fair, we are the best.’  Yet if you speak up in the innocent belief that leaders live:

  • integrity above all interests
  • they embody the words as a statement of who they really are
  • that your rights will be balanced on the scales of justice by those who are wise, ethical, bold, independent and leading by example 

…you may leave dis-illusioned, that is, the illusion drops away like a veil.

You will come to realise that these statements are platitudes not attitudes deeply embedded in the highest echelons of power.  If you speak up in all honesty from an intention of duty of care for other students, this challenges corporate interests and behind closed doors away from the agora of democracy, you will be undermined quietly, never overtly as this may affect the reputation of the institution. 

So you smile as you drive past these paper cut-outs, the advertising spin and you remember Al Gore speaking of his desire to see the real signs in our world.  You realise these are just words to inspire the money as insecurity drives self interest. You know it is not the truth as it is not a lived reality that could usher in a new future ready, that is worthy of the next generation.

The university of the future is not a place of higher learning it is about higher earnings which has nothing to do with advancing civilisations knowledge for the betterment of all people and nature. This is a time when intellectuals need to have their voices heard in agora’s of freedom rather than censure. You see no matter the hype and misinformation that a public asset is now in the hands of the private sector through funding cuts. 

You realise intellectual property is not garnered to protect the scientists or intellectuals who painstakingly developed another frontier, but placed higher knowledge in service of economic interests cleverly marketed as beneficial income for society, when in truth the society is enslaved by those very interests. You think of all those of influence you consulted to discover their inability to see the trees for the wood, a carbon sink, their own interests governed by selfish interests not the greater public good.  They have no time to deeply contemplate the reality they are in collusion with. For that would mean bringing up profound ethical questions. 

What is the old adage?

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men (and women) to do nothing.”   – Edmund Burke

So is it better to stand on your feet than live on your knees?  Which God do you worship? For me I prefer to stand on my feet and if I am cut down to size for daring to speak my heart and soul, then so be it.  I gave up all security in my life to practice peace from a perspective of inner truth.  I am open to all sides but I am not interested in one side mocking justice serving detrimental self-interest without a healthy approach to resolving conflict in reflection of higher learning. I would rather live in the dignity of having said what I know was true with an intention of a win/win for all, then compromise my truth to please or serve another out of fear or favour.

So I will finish this with poetry

as it is my first language and it is the only way

I can access my freedom of speech

as truth holds meaning

for me.  

The following poem is called ‘Waiting for the Universities of Enlightenment’. 




To step out of your comfort zone,

Is to feel the conditioned constraints pull you back into line,

To conform or reform?

Is the greatest question in forums of democracy,

Yet to go to the edge you are forced to make the choice to
fall or fly?

You cannot know which it will be until you step off the cliff
of your own fear.


Many keep away from danger fearing for their lives,

Fearing persecution,

Fearing isolation,

But these are only conditioned mind patterns,

None of it is true,

For there is nothing to FEAR but False Evidence Appearing Real,

There is no isolation when truth stands by your side,

There is no persecution when you understand that fear is the great purveyor of intimidation and censure,

It is only the truth that sets you free,

And as night follows day,

You cannot bare false witness to any man or woman,

For they are you,

And you are they

And it could be you,

For what you do to another returns to the self,

For life is circular not linear,

Life is responsive not silent,

For how can nature stonewall the sum of the parts?

When it sees itself as whole.


When we sing with one voice

How can there be any discord?

One only needs to know the score,

To feel for the rhythm of harmony,

The selflessness of community,

To realise that there is more to life than money,

That money is really only plastic,

It has no value that is fantastic,

Yet people attach their value to it,

What if what you do has no status in reality?

Unless you attach value to your industry.


The only value is in truth,

For this is the Philosophers Stone,

A standing stone outside your circle,

For historical artefacts do leave testimonials in time,

Of civilisations that were in harmony with celestial origins,

That understood only nature is the real god,

For the Indians knew that when the last tree falls,

You cannot eat money.


There have been many attempts over history,

To bring back into modern memory,

The virtues and values of our true identity,

To pull down the masks of insecurity to face life as truth,

A few brave souls have stood up to be counted upon forging:


The Magna Carta,

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen,

The Bill of Rights,

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


The philosophers of antiquity were of great note as many quote,

They understood the universal way of peace,

As above so below,

As within so without,

For to know thyself and be true was not paraded in eloquent words in search of agora’s of applause,

But to pause:  to sit in the dark alone to face one’s inner mirror to deeply ponder the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth,

For wisdom arises,

Not from academic journals,

Or quoting aphorisms,

But from lived experience,

Expressing what is really true for you.


Many are moved to speak up by great pain, suffering, corruption and calamity,

Affronted by indifference reining over the common sense of humanity,

For the rights of ordinary people were trampled upon by vested interests.


Narcissus was blind and consumed by his own reflection …

He was not naked before truth!


The Emperor with no clothes was indulged by a compliant populous keeping up the façade of lies and deception as to not displease,

He was not naked before truth!


King Midas’ touch of economic success could never transmute common values into the fool’s gold of real value.

He was not naked before truth!


The greatest wealth is inherent in generosity of spirit as real abundance not materialism,

Alchemy transmutes negative beliefs into positive virtue,

The mythical Holy Grail was the quest for self-realisation,

King Arthur’s roundtable was the symbol of equality for all women and men,

Leadership never governed ‘over’ but sought wise counsel from ‘within’,

For the greatest leaders had unshakable ethics and duty of care,

They forged their swords from truth rather than cowardly legal battles,

For it takes great courage to stand alone with virtue as one’s only protection,

Only the noble leader at heart when stuck between a rock in a hard place liberates Excalibur,

For the elixir of life resides in compassion and valour not title, properties and ceremonies.


So from my great suffering I speak up to find sanity in a sea of indifference,

To remember that these battles have gone on since time immemorial,

That I can find peace and justice within my own truth,

For my truth sets me free,

To be the best I can be,

Without fear or favour,

For the future of your children depends on the ethics of all of us,

And if we cannot LEAD by example then who can?

For if not YOU then who?

If not NOW then when?


I have been waiting still,

I am still waiting,

To see if the truth sets you free,

To be,


For this is the meaning of universal suffrage,

Electing a comm-unity of Enlightenment in
sharing all interests.




Mohandas Gandhi

“If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”