Eckhart Tolle: Laughter Breaks Through Ego

Laughter is the best medicine says Patch Adams.  Eckhart Tolle speaks of laughing at the human condition and mind patterns as we step back and see your own patterns and drama produced.  Drama is drama and it is funny as he says.  I often laugh at the state of the world.  Even mass surveillance I smile at as I know the futility of it.  I know you cannot control anyone but hey perhaps we have to experience what we are not in order to find who we are.

In the cosmic sense no mind is hidden from the higher consciousness.  In fact all thoughts are known on this level.  So this form of surveillance is love based where as the one on the planet is fear based.  That is the only difference. 

I recall when I first realised my thoughts were known feeling uncomfortable.  Today I just smile.

Here is Eckhart Tolle, enjoy he is funny in his quiet way.  I find myself laughing at all of it, really.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”