Changing Ourselves to Change the Real Climate

I had a person make a comment on my facebook in response to climate change messages, as follows:

“So are the Martians burning their fossil fuels too? Because the polar ice caps on Mars are melting.” I responded as follows:

This appears a facetious comment and please correct me seems to poke fun at the melting ice caps. I am a clown and happy to laugh with you Sharon. This is not about them and us, it is about us and future generations. Why can we not explore topics together without negativity, by all means challenge but let’s have a real conversation. I value your view but could understand it better if you just say exactly what you think. If you think the melting ice caps is not true, just say so. In my view it is clearly evident it is happening and sadly no joking matter. When the ice melt in the north pole the gulf stream flow will stop which means the current will stop and the water will stagnate and Europe will freeze. The gulf stream is a figure 8 stream that runs from the top of the north Atlantic loops in the pacific ocean. You may wish to explore solar flares and their intensification. If this happens we will end up in drought and perhaps it looks like the surface of mars. Mars used to have water. Here is a good film by the BBC. Thanks for inspiring me to share. (see below).

What I want to encourage people is to start to communicate in ways where we can really hear each other. We then start to look at the problem and not blame people or see them as opposing our views. We are moving into times where we have to find ways to hear each other and work on solutions for the next generation. There are indeed vested interests who prefer fossil fuels as they live in the present without any concern for the future. They of course are not the enemy, I sense apathy and ignorance as people feel afraid to face what appears impossible. I don’t think it is a case of us controlling the weather I think it is a case of us learning to live in harmony with earth processes. This of course is the biggest challenge. I don’t think nature is negotiable on this one. Here is a BBC documentary and below a poem I felt to write.


I feel I am the dove flying,

I fly over our built up world,

For we have built this world in our imaginations,

As television gives us the cue cards,

Tells us what to think,

Yet our world is on the brink,

As we dig up carbon sinks,

And call this the forest industry,

Fuelling economic growth,

But what if we can only see the wood

for the trees,

As these are the words floating on the cyber winds,

Where we Face-the-book of changes,

for good.


Our industrial average’s,

Average gains and losses,

They do not factor in top soil losses,

Or Paterson’s curse gains

@ 5,000 seeds per year,

Whilst purple flowers frame paddocks like a Picasso,

The brushes are toxic in the real picture,

Strangling the natives rearrange natures order,

As we drive past …

oblivious to the real climate of change in the future,

Landscaping our world into surreal tree-lined streets,

Linking supermarket chains as daisy cutters of in-security,

Obscuring our vision of GMO agricultural time bombs,

To impose controls over size, quantity and product quality,

As profits distribute feast and famine for the winners and losers,

Over the real wealth of nations,

Inherent in the true bounty

of our natural genetic inheritance.


The t-test for humanity is to hold discussion forums,

To speak our truth as not a battle but an inquiry,

Learning to listen to opposition without taking a position,

For each proposition is a gift from change itself,

For every moment changes naturally,

As we adapt to change or stay the same,

Floating or fixed in exchange,

Yielding beliefs is the new stage,

Grafting the rose to the stake,

To stand straight or feel safe,

Facing the world is moving on shifting sands,

Yet why not understand?

Impermanence is the greatest truth,

That cannot resist reality,

But goes with the flow to find shape changers,

Equal out to determine the collective levy,

As real levity is to laugh at ourselves,

Believing we were in control of right and wrong,

Without true knowledge of a 4 billion year old system,

Evolving in space and time by intelligent design,

Operating smoothly for millennia,

Without human kind.


So my friends,

It is time to be a kind human,

I encourage all exchanges with open minds,

For if climate change is true,

Then time is running out on you,

When the ice caps melt the conveyer belt snaps,

Shrinking ice caps weaken electronic fields of fire,

Solar flares pulse as coronal mass ejections (CME),

Reject the earth’s protective shield,

Exposing no defences,

Sending us back to BCE (before common era),

As tear drops stain the windows of our collective blindness,

We could not see through the snow storms,

Denial reins supreme as fear is out to sea,

Oscillating as sea levels rise to a new occasion.


Yet know rooms with a Worldview ,

Rise to the highest levies of great change,

Where we see ourselves as One earth image,

In the mirror of our self reflection,

To allow the dove to covert new shores,

When following universal laws,

That always sing the One song,

In harmony.


Mohandas Gandhi

“Nonviolence is a weapon of the strong”