Do You Want the Earth to End or Thrive?

We are all responsible for the shape of the world. What choice will you make for 2013. Will you go back to work and just get distracted by all the little daily things you have to do, family and friends. Or will you step back and really think about where we all are, where you are and who you want to become. Will you become involved in creating a better world? Will you live by example and play your part as part of a greater ecosystem that does need all our help. Collectively we are destroying the earth through our consumption patterns, through our habits that demand more things and through all the packaging and rubbish that is weighing down the earth. We are taking far too much in the name of modernity and progress, we are not giving much thought to the reality of our planet and the other species that cohabit this planet us with us. It is our responsibility, not governments, as we are the ones that create the demand. Yes there are outside influences, but at the end of the day it is YOU that chooses. It is free will. I include myself in that also.

So what will I do or indeed BE? I am going to seek to eat organic. I am going to take recycling bags with me. I will keep my income low so that I don’t feel the temptation to buy, I will simply get what I need. I will work in my passion of peace education as it keeps me on the straight and narrow and grounds me to what is real in life. As this is my focus and choice I have to walk the talk and work on myself in peace. I have to be the peace I wish to see in the world. I will head off to Vipassna meditation for 10 days next week. Imagine no speaking or external stimuli for 10 days. I have to sit in meditation (I am not a meditator) and be peace. I know it will be a challenge but I have chosen to listen to my true nature, so that is where it has to start. So in 2013 and beyond I envisage any future conflicts are met with understanding and if I feel negative to deal with my own pain and discomfort. To not sit in blame or judgement expecting others to support my vision, think my way or agree with me, but to just do my work and be myself in a state of joy. Fortunately I’ve been doing this a while and am getting there. So lead by example is the key here. I will speak out to people as much as I can about peace in my life by way of example but not expect them to change, just simply share ideas. I realise that when I am at peace I am not needing things to fill gaps in my life. Most choose ‘things’ to do that, only temporary amusements which soon fade or are discarded. How many ‘things’ are in your room, house or around it that you never use? We all look guilty when we think of all the stuff we have accumulated (me included). So for me, don’t buy unnecessary stuff! I have to remember every thing I need comes to me when I need it. This is not a glib statement, I have actually seen it happen if I just relax and allow life, what I truly need does come to me. If I can just let go of the temptation to buy this book, that dress etc. and walk on, I am working for peace through all my decisions. So I have to learn to consciously choose wisely and feel my direct connection to the planet and other people.

I choose to love this planet as part of myself as I remember my inner harmony with peace and nature.

This blog is called peace is our true nature. The harmony I see in the ecosystem is my inspiration for inner harmony, so I will use nature as my role model. Perhaps you feel inspired as well.

So here is this amazing film, it will uplift you in joy and remind you of your connection to our beautiful planet and your stewardship. Remember as you change our world changes. The direction of that change is truly up to YOU.

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Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”