The voice of truth,
Whispers in my inner ear,
It speaks to me without form,
To inform without force,
To show without telling,
The beauty is the source,
Of all life.

Our planet Gaia is at the tipping point,
Of change.

Our consciousness is at the verge,
Of new understandings.

Our civilization is coming to an end,
To start again.

For humanity is about to return to sanity,
Of universal love,
And this is the ascension many are waiting for,
It is to remember that we are one,
With earth,
Fire and
The four elements,
Will breath life back into those dying to live,

How do I know this is true?
Of information,
Silently known,
Poetically shown,
For when ‘I’ becomes still,
We make room to hear,
We give space to new ideas,
We allow for the impossible,
To become possible,
As always the truth,
Set us free.

Some are emissaries,
On a mission,
Some are visionaries,
Who have inner vision,
Some are teachers,
teaching as students,
Others are light workers,
And this is not new age,
It is the ancient age renewed,
Re-forming information,
The re-for-mation,
Enlightens through love not war,
And this resides within each human heart,
For one cannot create peace in the world,
Until they face the war within,
And this is the message of our times,

To take Responsibility is not control,
To feel Empathy is not sympathy,
To become Aware is not to know,
To Love is not to care,
To speak Honestly is not to deceive,
To understand Oneness is not recycling,
To find Peace is not conformity in silence,
To En-joy is not be seen to be happy,
To become Service is an act of gratitude,
For this is the attitude of REAL HOPES,
It is not a dream
it is the seed of new possibilities,

New horizons expanding the new earth.

For transformation moves beyond reformation,
To live is to flow with life,
As there is no such obligation as work,
Only following ones joy in service,
It is not about order,
But living without control,
No more roles,
For freedom is sovereignty,
As the voice of change,
That is no longer strange,
As unity finds its true voice,
In harmony.

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Mohandas Gandhi

“God has no religion”