We Are One We Are Home

I feel the highest voice tonight. Unity sees no religion, sees no gender, sees no position, sees no colour, sees no division at all. For when the colours come together, there is only enlightenment. This is what is known as going home. That is where we are all going. I am learning this with you.


How can I tell you that we are one,
That we are one breath,
One love,
One beat,
One heat,
Burning and blending
For the universe to see,
Bright and luminous,
We are essentially free.

Researching the world,
I see angry words of division,
Nation-states the ultimate racism,
What of natural selection?
Nature painted your face,
Not as a point of distinction,
But to maximise efficiency,
Reflection and absorption of heat,
Self regulates,
Natures distinction gives merit to balance,
Unconscious of north south latitudes,
Optimising attitudes of self sufficiency,
Brinkmanship fears inter-dependency,
As this is the legacy of superiority.

Abundance was the garden,
Eden was your bargain,
Your fall has been blamed on another,
Since eternity you surrendered your power,
That was given in the creation of love,
Not from above or below,
From within
there is no sin,
When you listen,
Uncover your shroud of Turin,
The remnants of the truth were
shattered into the mosaic of mythology,
Spirituality usurped by ideology,
Flying the flags of righteousness,
Are you still right
when there is nothing left?

Unity is blind to colour and tone,
Holy communion is love alone,
Yet faith has been tipped from the cup of cola,
Into the petrie dish of corporate culture,
Survival is pinned to the badge of greed,
Whilst 80% of the world bleeds,
Bad seeds after good,
Genetically modified obsolescence,
A false abundance,
Yielding deserts and spasmodic stock market prices,
Third world debt has come to blight us,
Colonisers in suits preying on cheap energy,
Without synergy or inspiration,
Within bottom lines of exploitation,
Cloaked by industrial averages,
Choked in the lust that savages,
Where survival of the fittest is the creed,
Yet who is fit to lead?
Where feeling is conceived as the bleeding heart,
Delivered as motherhood statements,
Alas the statement of motherhood is the last salvation,
Nestled at the breast of the next generation.

Ecological growth is stunted by economic growth,
Satellite television gloats and bloats,
Sinking the boat under electronic stimulation,
Displaying games of violent simulation,
without question or feasibility,
As we forgot our responsibility,
For our power is cut off from the source
of integrity,
The lines of communication are crossed,
from serendipity we plunge into standards and poor,
Character crumbles,
Money talks because we have nothing to say,
As our truth slowly slips away,
the Self betrayed.

We listen to the gossip
as gospel truth,
Dripping with cynicism and self absorption,
Packaged in ego distortion,
Denial keeps the truth at bay,
We hide in the cave of our own making,
Thick walls,
Safety in numbers,
But the walls crash,
The truth thunders and breaks through the illusion,
On the shelf in the company of endless lies,
The environment stigmatised and discarded,
And we realise the house of cards,
is the game of deceit.

When the grasping stops,
We are still at last in deep reflection,
The future becomes the past,
The meek inherit the new world,
Where love is the answer,
Nature’s fever breaks,
The healing of the womb embraced,
Produces the traces of new life,
A new way of thinking,
A new way of being,
A new way of creating,
The new world is waiting,
For you to surrender and be peace,
Trust in the eco-system,
As your voice echoes to the ends of the earth,
We witness our re-birth
in the light of fun,
We realise that
we are one.


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Mohandas Gandhi

“Nobody can hurt me without my permission.”