BlackRock and Tech Investing

Money flows when Profit grow. That is how money flows into investments.  This is fueling wireless technology and Artificial Intelligence. There are real questions around the IT industry, the big data gathering, the compliance based access, the control exercised through technologies, the excessive surveillance, the roll out of smart cities – sensors, cameras in… Continue reading

BlackRock World’s Biggest Asset Manager – A Shadow or Footprint?

I’ve been reading some of the jargon about BlackRock as a Shadow company.  I also read at the end of this Wikipedia overview that a fake letter was circulated about BlackRock Divesting from Fossil Fuels and consequences if clients didn’t adhere to the Paris Agreement.  They had to publicly state they weren’t doing… Continue reading

BlackRock Investing in Growth Is this Sustainable?

I contemplate where markets allocate resources and assets and how the signals are about economic wellbeing not social wellbeing.  It is a major problem as vital resources are pumped into pursuits that serve self interest not global interests given the serious problems humanity is facing. 
When I hear of the good they do and… Continue reading

Mohandas Gandhi

“An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”